A pre-manufactured steel building: The perfect solution for your construction company

If you are in the construction business, you know that two things come at a high premium; labor and space. Finding good, reliable and skilled workers for your team is extremely important, though unfortunately, we can’t help you with that. What we can help you with, here at Arco Steel, is the other much-needed aspect of every construction business: space. No matter what kind of construction your company does, chances are you could use the space of a pre-manufactured steel building to help make things a little easier. Arco is here to help!

Why a pre-manufactured steel building for construction?

Construction companies space needs break down to three main needs; storage, work space pre-manufactured steel buildingand office space. If your company is in the black, it’s a good bet you could use more of all three.

Storage: Major construction requires major equipment. Your fleet of construction vehicles looks like a mega-sized version of a Tonka-obsessed eight-year-old’s bedroom, with cranes, bulldozers, backhoes and the like. For major construction, these all have a very specific purpose, and you couldn’t do business without them. But what about when they aren’t being used? We’ve seen the largest Arco pre-manufactured steel building models we offer put to good use as construction vehicle and equipment storage. You provide the land and the equipment, and we’ll provide the pre-pre-manufactured steel buildingmanufactured steel building for housing the whole fleet.

Work space: Does everything your construction company assembles need to be built on site? What do you do with materials before they are put to use in construction projects? Both issues can be solved instantly with a pre-manufactured steel building from Arco Steel. Utilizing one of our steel structures as off-site work space has been a great help for many construction companies we’ve worked with in the past, and the only real limitation on a pre-manufactured steel building for work space is your imagination.

Office space: Construction companies are more than just the boot on the ground; you have an entire office staff to worry about as well. HR managers, project supervisors, bookkeepers, the top brass – where do you put these folks while everyone else is on the job site? You could lease space in a fancy office building, costing you thousands each and every month, or you could build your own office with a pre-manufactured steel building from Arco. Having your own building for offices gives you the kind of freedom you wouldn’t get from leasing an existing building, and it always looks great for a company to have its’ own personal building.

Arco can make the difference for your company

Arco Steel’s pre-manufactured steel building models come in all shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one that suits your construction companies’ needs. Whether it be for storage, office or work space, Arco Steel are the people to call to raise the profile and productivity of your construction business. Contact Arco Building Systems at 1-800-241-8339 or click the banner below to get your project started.

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