Harvest Time! Why a Steel Building Provides Great Farm Solutions

Perks of Investing in a 100 x 300 Steel Building

The driving force behind any farm is the hard work of skilled hands. Though, just as important, the equipment and tools on a farm do a lot of the heavy lifting. Of course, not to be forgotten are the buildings—they need to be durable and able to withstand the day-to-day of a farm. There’s only one building option tough enough for the job: a steel building. Whether you need a 100 x 300 steel building or another size, this is a great option for the agricultural industry—let’s explore the reasons why.

What Steel Buildings Bring to the Agricultural Industry


With a steel building, you can of course expect durability. It’s a building type that is common and practical for many blue collar industries, including agriculture. Steel buildings without a doubt have what it takes to provide a workplace that works just as hard as you do.

Weather Resistance

Steel buildings are known and proven to be able to withstand inclement weather. From high winds, to extreme temperatures, to snow, steel buildings offer great protection against the elements, making this an ideal structure for storage, livestock, machinery, and many other farm-related operations.


It’s important to check all the boxes when making an investment like this one. One of the many boxes a steel building checks off is longevity. Not only do steel buildings typically have great warranties, but they are not susceptible to rotting, warping, cracking, or other wear-and-tear that are common with other building materials. Also, they are low maintenance, which we’ll get into in our next point.


You know what is involved in taking care of an old wooden barn. With a steel building, you don’t have to worry about wood rot or other challenges that come with structures made from other materials. This saves money, time, and headaches involved with keeping up with a building.

Storage Solutions

Steel buildings are versatile structures. Whether for storing equipment, livestock, vehicle, or hay, steel buildings are great storage solutions. With durability in mind, this is a great option for storage and organization, especially considering protection from weather and other elements.

Quick Assembly100 x 300 steel building_

In the agricultural industry, a quick turnaround for long-lasting solutions is invaluable, and that’s what you can expect with a steel building of any size, even 100 x 300. Steel building kits can be quickly assembled, costing you less during the construction phase, and ultimately making your new workspace available sooner rather than later.

Customized for You

No two farms have the same needs. Steel buildings offer numerous customizability options—including size, layout, aesthetics, and accessories. At Arco Building Systems, we will guide you to the best solution, exploring your specific needs and what options will best suit you and your budget. We’ve been assisting businesses since 1979, and we love pairing business owners of all industries with a steel building that will make their job easier. Get the quality you need—all in a building perfectly apt for what you do day to day.

Grow Your Agricultural Business with a Steel Building

Here to guide you through the process to equip you with a building that perfectly matches your needs, our team is friendly and knowledgeable. From delivery to installation, Arco knows its steel buildings and great support. We’re here to be a resource for you to make the most out of your next investment: a 100 x 300 steel building. Working with the same dedication and passion you put into your craft, Arco Building Systems is an experienced team committed to equipping you with the best product.


"I’ve been looking for a steel building for a while. They were easy to work with help design not through with the process yet but so far everything’s been great"

Marc G.

Our customer service team would love to hear from you and help address any questions or concerns you might have about investing in a steel building, so reach out to us today at 1-800-241-8339 or by requesting a quote on our website for a 100 x 300 steel building. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your business.

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