What is a Clear Span Building and Why is It Perfect for My Business?

How Clear Span Buildings Can Optimize Your Operations

Limitations are oftentimes the source of creativity and ingenuity. Alternatively, some of our best results come out of scenarios that have very little confines—your workplace is no different. A clear span building is a frame type that offers an unobstructed layout that allows you to either completely customize a layout or work in a large, open area. No matter your line of business, this frame type for a 100x100 steel building will cater to your operations, helping optimize your workspace for what you do.

Benefits of a Clear Span Building

Completely Customizable Floor Plan

Every office or workspace has an area or two that doesn’t work well. It could be a room that’s a tad too small or a closet door that’s inconveniently placed. Clean span buildings do not need floor plans that are designed around certain structural elements such as columns. Buildings with clear span gables can be designed to maximize the efforts and operations of an organization, meaning this structure provides the most personalized solution for any industry.100x100 Steel Building_Office Floor Plan

Here are a few examples of workplaces that could benefit from customizable layouts:

  • Administrative Offices
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Medical Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Studios

Unobstructed Space for Your Work

You have probably worked in a building with an area that’s 99% wide-open, but it has a few inconvenient columns that obstruct the space. In a warehouse, this could impact the layout of your shelving or any pathways. A clear span building eliminates this issue by not requiring a column for structural support. The reinforcement instead comes from imaginative engineering and quality materials to keep the building structurally sound, eliminating the need for columns that could get in the way of productivity.100x100 Steel Building_Clear Span_Warehouse

Here are a few examples of workplaces that could benefit from truly wide-open areas:

  • Agriculture/Livestock Sites
  • Automotive Dealers
  • Churches
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Gyms
  • Indoor Pools
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Mechanic Shops
  • Recycling Centers
  • Retail Shops
  • Storage Spaces
  • Warehouses

Why Steel?

First off, steel is the only primary building material that can be used for a clear span 100x100 building—timber and stone are not capable of this. We love what we do here at Arco because we get to help equip businesses every day with what we have found to be the most beneficial option available today: steel buildings.

gabled-clearSteel 101: A Crash Course on the Advantages of Steel Buildings

Steel is...

  • Durable
  • Longlasting
  • Recyclable
  • Quickly assembled
  • Affordable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Weather and fire resistant

Stay up to date with our blog to learn more about how a 100x100 steel building can benefit your business.

Need Help Finding Your Best Fit?

Arco Building Systems is Here to Lend Expert Advice

From delivery to installation, Arco knows its steel buildings. We’re here to be a resource for you to make the most out of your next investment: a 100x100 steel building. Working with dedication and passion as if we were a division of your very own organization, Arco Building Systems is an experienced and knowledgeable team committed to equipping you with the best product most suitable for your needs.

Our customer service team would love to hear from you and help address any questions or concerns you might have about investing in a steel building, so reach out to us today at 1-800-241-8339 or by requesting a quote on our website for a 100x100 steel building. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your business.

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