Planning for a Rainy Day: How Steel Buildings are Ideal for Weather Protection

Count on the Weather-Resistance of a 100 x 200 Steel Building

Mother Nature has given us some of the most gorgeous sights on this earth: from sunsets to rainbows. Unfortunately, nature has an ugly side that we all have to prepare for; extreme temperatures, high winds and excessive rain can all cause maintenance issues for buildings, sometimes irreversible problems. When entering the planning stages of your upcoming investment of a new building, one of the factors to heavily consider is the structure’s resistance to weather. When considering weather durability, is a 100 x 200 steel building your best option? Arco explains.

What Weather Conditions Can a Steel Building Withstand?

100 x 200 Steel Building_Weather

No matter where you are in the country, you have to account for the harsh conditions your building will be exposed to. From the heavy rains of the Southeast, to the bitter cold of the North, to the high winds of the Midwest – every region deals with their fair share of inclement weather. Arco is here to explain why steel is the preferred building material of choice in regard to weather resistance.


Many coastal and southern states have to account for humidity and heavy rains. As far as structures go, steel is the clear option to withstand humidity. Timber is prone to rotting, moisture damage and impairment from insects that become more prevalent in humid conditions. Steel buildings are built with roof and wall panels that ensure a weather-tight structure, making moisture essentially a non-issue.

100 x 200 Steel Building_Four SeasonsExtreme Temperatures

When properly insulated, steel buildings are perfectly comfortable structures in the dead of summer or the harshest days of winter. Some might have a concern about condensation that could accrue on steel during extreme temperatures, which is why steel buildings are typically equipped with barriers that prevent this issue.

High Winds

Steel buildings are skillfully engineered ― built with incredible reinforcement and high-quality materials. Business owners can feel confident when housing their inventory or equipment in a 100 x 200 steel building. The durable nature of steel and the tactfully designed and manufactured structure a steel building makes this option viable and preferred by business owners across the U.S. who want to best position themselves in the inevitable event of inclement weather.

Find the Stability You Need with Arco Building Systems

Unfortunately, weather is a factor we all have to plan for day in and day out. Fortunately, Arco Building Systems has a solution for you. With the most recommended products and options in the industry, let Arco help equip your business with the structure it needs to withstand all facets of Mother Nature.

Our knowledgeable team will help you find the perfect solution for your business: a 100 x 200 steel building. By spending the time to walk you through the different options, we’re committed to supplying you with the best possible answer to your needs. That’s the Arco difference. Experience that difference by contacting us today at 1-800-241-8339 or requesting a quote on our website. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your business.


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