The 100 x 100 Steel Building, A Large Equipment Retailer’s Dream

Getting a Workspace That Best Fits Your Operations

In many cases, a business’ success is hinged on the quality of its workspace. If in a space that’s too small or limiting, a company might struggle with operations because of the confines of their building. This is especially true for retailers that deal with large equipment. Whether you’re supplying equipment for the construction, landscaping or manufacturing industries, your daily operations can run smoothly when working in a space that is advantageous for your day-to-day functions. Facing this very problem, many large equipment retailers have turned to 100 x 100 steel buildings, and they couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Why Retailers Love Using Steel Buildings

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Large Areas for a Showroom

gabled-clearNothing is more eye-grabbing to a consumer than walking into a vast showroom with the industry’s latest equipment on display, ready for demonstrations. Think of how a car dealership has a large, presentable room with their top and most popular models, all with shimmering exteriors and comfortable interiors that make shoppers’ jaws drop. Steel buildings are ideal structures for these types of showrooms because they are designed to offer unobstructed, columnless areas that are perfect for large equipment retailers. The unobstructed design of steel buildings also allows retailers to customize the layout of their merchandise area.

Durable for Backroom and Warehouse Areas

One of the most important aspects, but sometimes overlooked, is the functionality of a backroom or warehouse area. This is becoming increasingly vital for retailers given that online shopping is a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. Steel buildings, as mentioned previously, offer large, unobstructed areas that allow retailers to have complete customizability in regard to layout. Make the most of your workspace by utilizing a layout that makes the most logistical sense for your operations, ultimately increasing its effectiveness. The large areas steel buildings provide are accommodating for large equipment—including your inventory and any additional equipment your operations may require. Additionally, steel buildings can be easily expanded upon, making them the ideal choice for business owners who want a great long-term solution.

retailbuilding-blogAttractive for Consumers

Aesthetically, don’t think of steel buildings as industrial structures. At their core, steel buildings do have a very practical, industrial look to them, but they are easily and oftentimes renovated to have attractive facades and enjoyable interiors. We understand that you want the customer experience at your store to be comfortable and relaxing, and our expert opinion is that a 100 x 100 steel building can provide that in addition to the other unique and exclusive benefits mentioned in previous points.

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