Self / Mini Storage Buildings

Self Storage Buildings

The self storage business is profitable and tends to offer stability for business owners no matter if the economy is up or down. However, you will need the right type of mini storage buildings or other units to get your company started—or to expand your existing organization. Find out more about how you can start a self-storage business with the help of Arco Building Systems and the benefits of choosing pre-engineered metal buildings for your organization.

Start a Self Storage Business with Arco's Help

Arco's pre-engineered storage buildings offer a variety of unique designs and configurations. You can utilize our steel building kits for basic mini storage units as well as climate control facilities or multi-story structures. Arco metal storage buildings are designed to your specifications with plenty of options available. With Arco, you can begin or grow your self storage facility anywhere, nationwide.

Benefits of Buying a Pre-engineered Self Storage Building

Why should you choose Arco self storage building plans and metal building kits for your business? Here are a few reasons steel buildings are the smart choice.

  • Cost Effective – Wooden buildings are susceptible to mold, rot and insects (such as termites). Commercial steel buildings allow you to avoid these problems.
  • Low Maintenance – For many of the same reasons, steel buildings require little by way of maintenance. This saves you both money AND time.
  • Fire Resistant – Steel buildings offer a supreme resistance to fire. Your customers will be happy with the high level of safety.
  • Weather Resistant – Commercial buildings constructed using our steel building kits can stand up to harsh weather conditions—whether snow, rain or heat. This is great for storage businesses as your livelihood comes from keeping people's things safe.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Steel is 100% recyclable. This means your choice of steel is good for you, good for your customers and good for the environment. What could be better than that?
  • Construction Options Abound – When building storage units with an Arco kit, you can erect the building yourself or let us find a licensed steel erector to complete the project for you.

Make the Smart Choice and Call Arco

With all of the options for your storage units, why choose Arco? Arco has been in business for over 40 years. Our team has over 150 years combined experience, and our customer service representatives are eager to take your call. Arco is focused on providing a quality product at an affordable price. You have access to a team of professionals every step of the way. Quality, value and service—that's the Arco difference!