Commercial Buildings

Commercial Steel Buildings

As a business owner, the heart of your organization beats in the structure that houses it. Be it a retail establishment, bank, recreation facility or another type of business, you need a building that is as strong as you and your management team. If you are looking at the options for new buildings, it is worth your time to learn more about the benefits of steel.

Commercial Applications for Steel Buildings

The best thing about choosing pre-engineered commercial buildings is the flexibility they offer. You can utilize steel buildings for many types of commercial buildings. A few popular uses for these structures include:

  • Office buildings
  • Banks
  • Auto dealerships
  • Retail shops, both free-standing or in strip malls
  • EMS and/or fire departments
  • Recreation buildings

Steel Buildings Are the Smart Choice

With all of the different types of construction you can choose from, why would you choose commercial metal buildings and steel in particular? Consider the following:

  • Commercial steel building prices are reasonable – Not only is the up-front cost affordable, you avoid the potential cost of mold, rot and termites that can affect wood buildings.
  • Commercial steel buildings require little maintenance – The low maintenance requirement saves you time and money.
  • Steel buildings are fire resistant – Metal buildings resist fire better than wooden ones do—providing your business with an extra level of safety.
  • Steel commercial buildings are weather resistant – We create our buildings to stand up to harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain and heat.
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings are environmentally friendly – Steel is 100% recyclable, meaning you are making a choice that is good for business AND the environment.
  • Fully-customizable – Look through our options and discover how you can customize a steel building with attractive interior and exterior features. With steel, you can have the unique appearance you desire and really match your building to your brand.

Experience the Arco Difference

Working in the steel industry since 1979, Arco Steel has grown to become the gold standard when it comes to steel building and metal building kits. We offer more than just quality products; our customer service is top-notch too. Arco will help you from beginning to end, working with you during planning, scheduling and final execution, helping you achieve the results you require. So what is the Arco difference? We exceed expectations every time—that is the difference.