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The price includes stamped anchor bolt and permit drawings, it does not include foundation drawings. Arco can provide foundation plans, in many states, for a nominal fee.
We can arrange for an independent erection crew to install your building. Many of our customers put up the buildings themselves.
You will need equipment that can lift up to 5000 lbs to unload the metal building material. It will be your responsibility to unload the material if you are coordinating a crew to erect your metal building. If you are planning to have an erection crew referred by Arco Steel Buildings to erect your building, and your concrete is ready when delivery occurs, the crew will unload the building. If your concrete is not ready at the time of delivery, it will be your responsibility to unload the materials. If you are coordinating the erection of your building, it will be your responsibility to unload the materials.
The material will be stacked professionally and evenly with 2′ x 4′ boards included between building pieces to allow for easy removal with forklift or similar equipment.
Smaller items will arrive on pallets such as doors, hardware, etc. Larger items are not placed on pallets.
No. The building arrives on one truck. Large doors such as roll up doors or overhead doors as well as insulation are delivered on separate trucks.
Depending on your local regulations, you may be required to have a General Contractor erect your building. Check with your local permitting office to see if a licensed General Contractor is required for your building project.
Arco will assist in verifying loads and codes. Many of our customers do check with their local building office and this is recommended as local code requirements may vary.
Permits are the responsibility of the owner.


Arco can refer experienced independent contractors to install your building.
Yes, they will be there on the delivery date to unload your building and to start erecting the building the same day, providing your concrete is ready.
Yes, all crews referred have General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.
This is done both ways, however the labor price includes equipment rental.