Standard Building Features

Standard Steel Building Features

Arco buildings always include:

A Dedicated Customer Service Representative – Start to Finish!

Your dedicated Customer Service Representative will be a short phone call away should you need anything regarding your project. No explaining who you are or being asked for your telephone number, address or customer number…you'll be on a first name basis!

PBR Roof and Wall Panels

Our buildings come complete with 26 gauge (80 KSI) PBR roof and wall panels for a more weather-tight structure.

Lifetime Fasteners (ZACS)

We use matching finish, self drilling, self tapping premium Zinc-Aluminum Capped (ZAC) fasteners on all roof and wall panels. Guaranteed not to rust! And they always include washers!

25 Year Warranty

Our Siliconized Polyester (Signature 200) painted panels have a 25 year manufacturer's warranty against rusting, fading and chalking.

Base Angle and Trim

An option for most metal building companies, Arco Steel Buildings always supplies base trim as a standard feature on all of our buildings which makes the erection much easier. It also provides a much better seal than foam closures for keeping out dust, water and critters.

Rod/Cable Bracing

All Arco metal buildings come with rod or cable bracing which will add strength and rigidity.

Fully Insulated Walk Doors

All Arco Steel Buildings walk doors are fully insulated and come complete with hardware and trim.

Collateral Loads

All churches, schools, and municipal buildings should be designed with appropriate collateral loads. Arco will not look the other way simply to be the lowest price. Not all buildings require a collateral load; however, so be sure to speak with your representative about your specific needs so that they can advise you accordingly.

Engineered Building Plans

You will receive three (3) copies of building plans, as well as three (3) copies of anchor bolt drawings. All will be stamped and certified by an engineer who is licensed in your state.

Easy Erection

Our workmanship and detailing are the best available and make erecting our buildings trouble free. We offer many testimonials from recent customers who will attest to this.

IAS, Better Business Bureau

Arco buildings are all manufactured at IAS Certified facilities, meet all MBMA Standards. We have been members of the Better Business Bureau since 1980… Check us out!