Arco Recognizes Two of Its Award-Winning Team Members

Offering More Than The Highest-Quality Steel Buildings, Offering Excellence In Customer Service First

Arco Steel Building Systems is blessed to have some of the best team members anywhere. This month we get to highlight two of the most dedicated and passionate members of the Arco Steel team. When it comes to being a steel buildings supplier, we pride ourselves on putting customer satisfaction first with The Arco Difference.



The Arco Steel Employee of the Year is someone who is pleasant, works hard and goes above and beyond the call of duty. 

Introducing Alexandra Wade, Project Coordinator-Building Consultant And Arco Steel Employee of The Year

Arco-Employee-Of-Year-Steel-BuildingsAlexandra Wade is not new to the Arco Steel family. As the daughter of Carolyn and Todd Wade, Alexandra grew up literally in the offices of Arco Steel spending summer breaks assisting the team and learning the business at an early age.

Coming on as an official team member in 2021, Alexandra works every day to achieve her personal goals. Providing both the best customer service to Arco’s loyal customers and being a committed Arco team member, Alexandra was chosen as Arco Steel Building Systems’ Employee of the Year.

 “I love helping customers bring their dream buildings to life. I enjoy seeing the pictures of the building after the project is complete.”

“My favorite Arco memory this past year was the golf tournament. I am not the best golfer, but it was a rewarding experience to play golf with my coworkers and a few of our colleagues,” Alexandra shares.

For Alexandra, the most rewarding aspect of her job is being able to help our customers. As a project coordinator and building consultant, she wears many hats at Arco. Alexandra is able to guide our customers through any challenges they may face and help them find a steel building solution.


Interesting Facts About Alexandra Wade

  • Alexandra started out as Arco’s receptionist and has worked her way up to being one of Arco’s expert project coordinators and building consultants.
  • Alexandra enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes.
  • Alexandra begins each day with a morning workout such as Solid Core, Cycle Bar, and Orangetheory.


So, What Does The Team Think About Alexandra Wade

“We threw Alexandra in headfirst into the ‘deep end’ of work here at Arco and she did not drown. Alexandra is committed to getting the job done. Her best Arco quality is her patience and ability to listen to the customer to find the solutions that best meet their unique needs,” Todd Wade

“Alexandra graduated UGA early and then came straight to work. I love how, with very little training, she has grown to perform an exceptional job; she has learned so much.”

“My favorite memory is when Alexandra came to Todd and I saying, ‘I have gone from the beginning of an order to the end- from quoting, selling, and arranging the erectors, to seeing the building go up.’ She worked hard to learn Arco from the ground up…full circle.” Carolyn Wade



“Salesperson of the year is very straight forward; it goes to the highest grossing sales rep.” Jason McIntyre (General Manager)

Introducing Bailey McBride, Building Consultant And Arco Steel Salesperson of The Year

Salesperson-Of-Year-Steel-BuildingsBailey McBride came to the Arco Steel family in 2020. With a commitment to The Arco Difference, Bailey truly believes in the high-quality steel buildings we provide and the importance of our customers’ trust in our services.

In the past three years, Bailey has developed an extensive knowledge of steel buildings, which has allowed her to be a part of various building projects. Serving a wide range of customers, she finds working with the racing and NASCAR industry particularly interesting.



For 2023, Bailey hit an outstanding milestone achievement with the Sales of 50 Steel Buildings!


The most rewarding part of my job at Arco Steel is the relationships I have made with my customers over the years. I take a lot of pride in what Arco, and I have to offer. I feel fulfilled knowing we provide the best service possible to every customer we come in contact with.”

My customers motivate me to reach my goals. Since 2020, I’ve developed a wide customer base. From repeat customers to referrals to first-time customers, I always push to deliver an experience that makes a lasting impression. Seeing the impact I’ve made on projects from start to finish has allowed me to grow and mature in my role as a building consultant,” says Bailey.

But for Bailey, it’s not just the sales and customers that keep her at Arco Steel Building Systems. She truly is a part of the Arco Steel family.

Initially, it was Carolyn and Todd who attracted me to Arco Steel. Their energy was infectious. They were passionate about the future of the company, and it was an opportunity I knew I wanted to be a part of.”

 “My favorite Arco memory was the Christmas party of 2021. We all went out for karaoke in downtown Norcross during Christmas time. From singing songs from ABBA to Avril Lavigne, we had the best time! Arco is truly committed to being a family-focused business,” shares Bailey.


Interesting Facts About Bailey McBride

  • Bailey’s best quality, as an Arco team member, is that she is an athlete with a very competitive desire to win.
  • Bailey loves to play and watch soccer, in particular Liverpool.
  • Bailey enjoys travel but even more so spending time with her family.


So, What Does The Team Think About Bailey McBride

“Bailey was the first salesperson Carolyn and I hired as Arco Steel Building Systems’ owners. I told her that she was going to be a metal sales rockstar. And Bailey did not disappoint. Bailey has a strong desire to be successful,” Todd Wade 

“Bailey is determined when it comes to assuring customer satisfaction. Her steel building knowledge and ability to connect customers with the perfect building for their needs makes her an expert on the Arco team.”

“Bailey not giving up and seeing her face when she hit 50 buildings was priceless,” Carolyn Wade


Thank You and Congratulations to Alexandra and Bailey

Arco Steel Building Systems, Providing Steel Buildings For Over 45 Years

The Arco Steel Building Systems family wishes to congratulate Alexandra Wade and Bailey McBride on the stellar work they have done for us. Their commitment to continuing the dedication, loyalty, and trust of The Arco Difference for our customers is what makes them leaders in the steel building industry. They both are passionate and care; it shows in their performance.

But it is not just Alexandra and Bailey, who make up the excellent team of Arco Steel Building Systems. Arco Steel is honored and blessed to have a team of creative and dedicated steel buildings’ experts.

With a passion for our customers, we are all committed to the trusted reputation we have with our customers that makes up The Arco Difference. It has been a part of our company for over 45 years. It is no wonder 75% of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Thank you, all Arco Steel employees, you are all winners!


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