5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Steel Building Interior Space

Interior Planning Points to Consider

If your business is considering expanding or upgrading its facilities to a steel building, then you’re probably aware that this is one of the best investments a company can make. Steel buildings are long-lasting structures that require minimal maintenance. In addition to being cost-effective and highly durable, steel buildings are very adaptive, allowing for customized layout. To make the most of your 100 x 100 steel building, take the time to ask essential questions when planning for interior design. The team of Arco Building Systems has listed out a few of the top questions to ask during this development stage.

Start Your Interior Planning with These Questions

1. What will the space be used for?steel building 100 x 100 employees

Steel buildings can accommodate virtually any layout. The design for an office area versus a work production area of course will have different requirements, so the exact function of the area is essential to know beforehand.

2. What will my ventilation requirements be?

Factors such as machinery exhaust and refrigeration vapors may impact the functionality and safety of your workspace. That’s why ventilation is crucial. Research OSHA’s ventilation standards in regard to what the area will be used for and what pollution may impact health and safety by being hazardous to inhale or impairing visibility.

3. Are there specific storage needs?steel building 100 x 100 warehouse

No two workspaces are the same. Whether planning for a warehouse or an office environment, consider what storage accommodations may be required for the area. Keep in mind the necessary square footage, whether the area should be unobstructed, and how high the ceiling may need to be. Also, depending on what will be stored in this area, plan for appropriate insulation for a properly temperature-controlled environment.

4. Will it require special accessories?

Depending on the purpose of the workspace, the interior may require certain accessories to plan around. Consider aspects such as specific lighting needs and how large accessories such as a mezzanine would impact the interior design of the building.

5. How should I plan for accessibility?

The workspace may need special accommodations for shipments or large equipment. Learn what the needs are and plan accordingly to include large commercial doors or access to a delivery bay as needed.

Need a Supplier for Your 100 x 100 Steel Building?

Arco Building Systems is Here for You

Here to guide you through the process to equip you with a building that perfectly matches your needs, our team is friendly and knowledgable. From delivery to installation, Arco knows its steel buildings. We’re here to be a resource for you to make the most out of your next investment: a 100 x 100 steel building. Working with dedication and passion as if we were a department in your very own organization, Arco Building Systems is an experienced team committed to equipping you with the best product.

Our customer service team would love to hear from you and help address any questions or concerns you might have about investing in a steel building, so reach out to us today at 1-800-241-8339 or by requesting a quote on our website for a 100 x 100 steel building. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your business.

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