Security Tips for Your Commercial Marijuana Grow Building

Maintaining Security and Control of Your Commercial Building

By opting for a commercial marijuana grow building, you’ve made one of the best investments because a steel building gives you the top combination of benefits to protect your assets. Though a steel building will keep your inventory safe from everyday factors such as weather, additional security might be required to further protect your assets. Since your operations produce a coveted and valuable product, your legal marijuana grow business is in need of a new layer of security. With just a few ideas for your protection needs, Arco Building Systems has laid out the top insights for marijuana grow facility security.

Secure Your Product, Grow Your Business

What Kind of Crime is a Grow Facility Susceptible to?

Commercial marijuana grow facilities are vulnerable to crimes such as theft and vandalism. As someone acquainted with this industry, you’re well aware of how valuable of a commodity marijuana is, especially as it becomes increasingly more accepted and legal throughout the nation. Unfortunately, commercial marijuana cultivation buildings are at risk for unwanted crimes. We don’t say this to alarm you – rather, we’re bringing it up simply to point out that security is imperative in this industry. Below are the benefits of the two most common forms of security for marijuana facilities.


Between incoming shipments, potential visits from vendors, and various employees entering and exiting the building, keeping track of all who come in and out of your grow facility will be difficult. The solution: patrolled security. Though monitoring the premises for unauthorized entrance and other unwanted activity is a commanding aspect of the job, patrolling is also beneficial for keeping the building secure by controlling who has access to the facility and its valuable goods. Patrolling is an effective form of security as it adds that human element, allowing trained personnel to observe and react to suspicious or unusual patterns and behaviors. Patrolling can be done on foot or in a vehicle.

Commercial Marijuana Grow Building_Security CameraVideo Surveillance

Surveillance is a passive form of security, but they can be reliable in capturing events. While the presence of cameras can deter crime to an extent, they’re more so useful to reference in the unfortunate case of an incident. This is especially important in cases that involve tens of thousands of dollars in damaged or stolen product.

Let Arco Secure Your Business with a Commercial Steel Building

A building is one of the more important investments any business can make. With a commercial marijuana grow building from Arco Building Systems, your company will have made the preferred choice; just take it from the proud owners of Arco buildings! To learn more about how our products can be the solution for your marijuana grow business, contact us today at 1-800-241-8339 or request a quote on our website. We're looking forward to answering your questions and helping your business take this next step. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your business.

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