Paula Martinez Joins The Arco Steel Building Systems' Team

Happy New Year! We at Arco Building Systems (also known to many as Arco Steel) are thrilled to embrace 2024 with eager anticipation. We left off in December, sharing our appreciation for our customers and thoughts on what had taken place in 2023. On a sad note, we said goodbye and wished well in retirement to our former building consultant, Perry Godley; we knew the new year held great, unique gifts ahead. The first of these is bringing on a fantastic new team member. Please help us welcome Paula Martinez to the Arco Family.


Paula Martinez was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. After a recent move to the United States, she took on a temporary position with another company while adjusting to Georgia’s challenging traffic and weather, where she met by chance, Carolyn Wade.

“I was ready to move to a bigger job, and that’s when I met Carolyn. She told me about what they do at Arco, and I said to myself: I would love to work there. So here I am,” shares Paula.

As the daughter of an architect, Paula is a natural when it comes to knowing construction and steel buildings. She grew up actively hearing all about buildings and the complex details of their structure. By age ten, Paula was visiting job sites with her father, helping to take measurements, and learning the basics of blueprints.

“My father would teach me all kinds of stuff,” Paula says. “I also went to school for Industrial design, so I always loved learning about construction materials, their uses, and variations.”
While Paula’s years of construction knowledge and industrial design training are some of her best assets to Arco’s customers, she brings an exciting new ability to the Arco team: she is bilingual.
“I was born and raised in Colombia, so Spanish is actually my first language,” Paula says. “I’ve been learning English for 20 years, so I can confidently say I’m bilingual, which has opened so many doors for me.”
For the Arco team, this is an exciting opportunity. Paula truly enjoys talking to customers and cares significantly about their needs.
“Having a bilingual team member allows us to communicate with even greater customer service to all our customers, especially those in the Hispanic community. Paula is knowledgeable and brings new energy to helping our customers find that perfect steel building to meet their needs.”

Carolyn Wade

But Paula’s exuberance for helping customers goes well beyond being bilingual. Her dedication to walking customers through the steel building process from call to delivery allows her to fit right in with the Arco Building Systems team.

So, What's Next For Arco Steels' Newest Team Member?

Paula adamantly has the answer.

“When a customer is telling me what they’re using their metal building for and how they imagine their shop, for example, I’m picturing it all in my head at the same time they are because I’m just as excited to see it finished. So, I’ll do my best and help as much as I can to see those dreams come true.”

From the Arco Building Systems team, we say, "Welcome, Paula Martinez!"

Are you thinking about kicking off 2024 by expanding your business space or a building to house your dream RV? Let one of our expert Arco Steel team help you find the right metal building fit for your needs.

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