The Perks of a 10000 Square Foot Building for Your Construction Business

Build on Your Success with a 10000 Square Foot Building

As a professional in the construction industry, you know the importance of a well-built facility. Whether you're a startup or an expanding business, a steel 10000 square foot building would be a wise investment for your company because of the many perks of metal buildings. The short-term and long-term benefits of steel buildings make them undeniably great decisions for any construction company.

The Benefits of a 10000 Square Foot Building

When exploring options for your construction company's new expansion, you want to find the best solution that will give you the least amount of problems down the road, saving you time and money. A steel 10000 square foot building will provide the path of least resistance while offering exclusive benefits such as exceptional durability, low costs and minimal upkeep.



Steel as a building material is ideal for any hardy line of work, especially the construction industry. On top of withstanding the day-to-day bumps and bruises that come naturally with the hard work of a construction company, a steel 10000 square foot building is weather-resistant. Generally speaking, steel can better handle the abuse of storms – comparative to alternative building materials.

Quickly Erected

Since steel is lighter than other materials such as timber and stone, metal building kits can be assembled and erected in a shorter time than if you were to use an alternative material. This allows you to cut costs on labor in addition to meeting a deadline that will allow your company to go forward with its vision sooner than if the building were erected with another material.

Low Costs

Through saving time during the assembly period, steel buildings are affordable relative to what other materials would cost. The price steel has on the environment is also low: Steel is 100 percent recyclable, so your practical and functional building today can be repurposed generations from now rather than being disposed of in a landfill. Another way steel building help save you money is through their low-maintenance qualities.


The upkeep on a steel 10000 square foot building is relatively minimal. Unlike a building that is constructed from a material such as bricks, steel buildings are not prone to cracking, so the structural components of steel buildings are sound and do not require as much maintenance. A building that is constructed from timber would need persistent termite and pest control – preventing insects such as carpenter bees causing structural damage. Steel does not require you to treat the building for pests in regard to maintaining the structural suitability of the building intact. While other building materials might be prone to sag over time, steel will not, which is one of the many reasons why steel is a great long-term option. If you keep long-term costs in mind, steel is significantly cheaper than other building materials.

Uses for a 10000 Square Foot Building

Though a large number of a construction company's functions take place on site, investing in a 10000 square foot building would give your business a sound facility for training, storage, maintenance or admin work.


In a line of work that has as many risks as construction does, staying up-to-date on training sessions is incredibly important for newcomers and tenured employees. Being trained to OSHA standards makes for a safer, smarter and more efficient workplace. Having a dedicated training area will be convenient and beneficial for your company’s operations going forward.


Most construction businesses use staging areas for their operations, and a 10000 square foot building could serve as a storage facility for current projects, equipment and vehicles. The weather-resistant and fireproof properties of steel make metal buildings the ideal choice for a construction company’s storage facility.


If your construction company practices in-house maintenance on machinery and vehicles, then your business would benefit from investing in a steel 10000 square foot building to utilize as a maintenance bay. As mentioned earlier, the durable nature of steel would boast well for your line of work.


Though the on-site work is the true moneymaker for any construction business, it all wouldn’t be possible without the behind-the-scenes work that’s done on a daily basis. From sales to bookkeeping, a 10000 square foot building can be purposed to house all of the necessary day-to-day tasks that help your well-oiled company to continue running at a high level.

Can Steel Buildings be Painted?

Yes, you can paint a steel 10000 square foot building to align with your aesthetic vision. In fact, you most likely walk in and out of steel buildings during your weekly errands without even realizing it. Steel buildings don’t have to have an industrial look to them; they can conform to essentially any design ideas you have for them.

40-v-sliderHow Well do Steel Buildings Handle Fire?

Because fire will not spread across steel, fires are generally contained within the building itself. We at Arco Building Systems understand the importance of protecting your assets, and that’s why we are proud to offer a product that is durable. Arco believes steel is the wisest building material because it will better protect your possessions if unfortunate and unpredictable events occur.

Can I Install an HVAC Unit in a Steel Building?

Putting in a day’s worth of hard work can be miserable without air conditioning. Yes, our steel buildings can have HVAC units easily installed into them.

Contact Arco Building Systems for Your 10000 Square Foot Building

If your construction business’ next step is to invest in a new facility, then reach out to our staff here at Arco. We will gladly talk to you about your company’s needs and work out the best steel 10000 square foot building solution for you. The experienced staff here at Arco Building Systems is passionate about helping businesses grow by providing quality steel buildings at affordable prices. Along with quality buildings, we prioritize customer service. To experience the Arco difference, contact us today at 1-800-241-8339 or request a quote on our website. You may also connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your business' needs.


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