A 100×120 Steel Building Can Help Your Car Dealership Grow

Car dealerships can be small, single lot operations or sprawling extravaganzas spanning the size of a shopping mall, but one thing all car dealerships want to do is grow. No matter what size, car dealerships thrive on growth, and growth can depend almost entirely on space. How you do business is important, too, but space determines just how much growth is physically possible at a current location. And space comes at a premium; you can’t just park brand new cars outside and let the weather do what it does best. Those pristine new vehicles need protection, and a 100x120 steel building from Arco Steel is the very best way to handle that. So if your car dealership wants to grow, a 100x120 steel building is instrumental to getting that done.

Growth + 100x120 Steel Building = Success

Your car dealership is going to grow if it is going to stay in business, and a 100x120 steel 100x120 steel buildingbuilding is going to be the easiest and most cost-effective component of that growth. An expanding inventory, especially when you are dealing with inventory of the size and scope of motor vehicles, needs room and a place to be stored. As most car dealerships eventually find out, traditional brick and mortar buildings can be expensive, require far too much time to complete and can be outgrown even before the are erected. Avoid making that mistake and consider the ways in which a modular steel building, in this case a 100x120 steel building, would better benefit your dealership.

100ft steel buildingFirst off, a 100x120 steel building is obviously going to be a faster, cheaper solution, but have you also considered the building’s long-term use? Just because your dealership is using it for storage now doesn’t mean that will always make the most sense for the expanding business. What if, one day, inventory storage moves off site (all part of expansion and growth!) but your employees are left with precious little office space? A 100x120 steel building can be easily converted from storage space to office space in the matter of a few days, whereas a traditional building either could not be converted or only at extreme expense. A building that can help your business expand, in both the short and long term, that is cheaper and faster than nearly any other solution? It might be time to call Arco Steel and get a free quote on one of our 100x120 steel building kits.

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In the car dealership business, you are either growing or dying. Make sure your business doesn’t fall victim to the latter by not addressing growth carefully with a 100x120 steel building from Arco Steel. Give us a call at 1-800-241-8339 or click the banner below for a free quote and let’s get your dealership driving in the right direction!