A 100×300 steel building hangar for your private aircraft

So you’ve done it; you’ve hit the big time. Your business has taken off and now you are like Scrooge McDuck and his vast Money Pit (remember DukTales? No?). You won’t have to worry about money again – ever – so it’s time to treat yourself. Do you go for the yacht? The mansion? The fancy car? Million-and billionaires know that one item above all else screams wealth, and that is the private aircraft. But such a huge purchase needs to be secured, and that is where Arco Steel comes in. You’ll need a storage place for that king of the skies, and one of our 100x300 steel building kits can be the perfect hangar.

A 100x300 steel building as a hangar

Regardless of what you plan on doing, your private aircraft is going to need a home. Whether you rent space at an airfield or you construct a hangar of your own, protecting100x300 steel building your investment is as important as it is for your plane to have wings. The most important reason is security; with such a big ticket item you’ll need to protect against problems of all kinds. Weather, thieves, vandals… a nice secure hangar will protect against all of these external threats. Another reason comes down to storage, as owning a private jet doesn’t just mean you have an airplane, you’ll need a place to keep all the bits that go with it. Fuel and maintenance equipment take up a lot of space, and you definitely don’t want that stuff cluttering up your home or garage. Just like a pony, owning a private aircraft comes with a lot more 100x300 steel buildingrequirements than the cash to purchase it, you’ll also need someplace for it – and all its equipment – to stay and be protected. Knowing that, the easiest choice in the world should be a 100x300 steel building kit from Arco Steel; it’s the best, most cost-effective way to keep your private plane happy and secure.

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At Arco Steel, the customer comes first. Since the 1970’s, Arco Steel has been a leader in the steel building business, and our focus on treating customers right is what got us there. If your newly-purchased private plane needs a home, give us a call at 1-800-241-8339 or click the banner below for a free quote. You’ve hit the big time, now you need to protect yourself with a 100x300 steel building hangar.