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Arco Welcomes Our Newest Member, Alexandra Wade, to the Team!

Arco Steel Building Systems, The Premiere Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Supplier Asks, "Why Work For Arco?"

Meet Alexandra Wade!

Arco Steel Building Systems has a long history as a family business. Starting in 1979, after many years working under the previous owners, the Wade family purchased Arco to assure its mission of providing the highest quality pre-engineered steel buildings along with superior customer service stayed true. This family environment is what still sets us apart from our competitors as we genuinely care about our customers and employees. We pride ourselves on being more than just a business, to us our customers are family. With that, we are excited to welcome Alexandra Wade to the Arco family as our new project coordinator!

Although new to this position, Alexandra knows Arco very well as she spent much of her childhood helping out with the family business. She began by helping her mom make brochures on the weekends when she was eight. When the pandemic sent her home from college, she worked as Arco’s receptionist. She continued to answer Arco's phones throughout her holiday breaks from school. Since receiving her Communication Degree from the prestigious University of Georgia, Alexandra plans to bring her new skills to her new full-time position as a project coordinator.


Alexandra "working" at Carolyn's desk at Arco when she was 11 years old. (2012)

Alexandra’s memories of Arco date back to her early childhood.

“When I was eight years old, my sister and I would help my mom make her brochures on the weekend,” shares Alexandra. “I love working with my coworkers, and I have developed great relationships. They have created a positive work environment and have been great at guiding me through this transition into joining Arco full-time.”

Alexandra describes how the skills she learned at UGA will help her in this new position. Wanting more business knowledge, she took classes in accounting, business statistics, personal finance, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. She then chose a major in communication studies with a minor in fashion merchandising. About her degree, she says,

“My communication studies degree has prepared me to speak with any customer confidently and efficiently. My major has also helped me develop my oral, interpersonal, and written skills. My fashion merchandising degree has helped me be the best dressed in the office!”

What is the best part about working in a family business? For the Arco team, Arco represents more than just a workplace. It means family.

Carolyn Akers Wade, the president of Arco, explains how Arco started as a family business.

“Tom Freeman started Arco in 1979, and his son Allen took over in 1994. I started Arco in 1991 and have been very close to the Freeman family since day one. Arco has always been a family business, so when Allen was ready to retire, it only made sense to keep the legacy going. Growing up, I worked for my father, and he instilled principles such as honesty and a strong work ethic.

Arco-Family pre-engineered steel buildings"Operating and owning a family business entails teamwork, honesty, and trust, which is why we chose to incorporate under the name Akers to honor my father.”

Working for a family business benefits all the employees besides just the members of the family, Carolyn explains.

“Arco is not just my husband and two daughters but the entire team. Our family includes our general manager, as well as the customer service and sales teams. When we do well and succeed, we ALL do well and succeed. We are a team! We believe in open communication, honesty, and integrity.”

When asked about working for a family business, Alexandra says

“Being a part of the family business has inspired me to work hard. Each day I see how hard my mother, father, and sister work for their success, encouraging me to push myself.”

When asked how the family benefits Arco, Vice President Todd Wade says,

“When a company is family owned and run, the company and its customers benefit because the family’s name and reputation are on the line. Things get done the right way with the thought of the future always in mind. Arco means everything to the Wade family. With the entire nuclear family employed at Arco, there is no option but to succeed. The future of Arco is also the future of the Wade family.”

Heather Wills, Arco’s sales manager, describes the benefits of working for a family-owned company.

“You are more than just a number, and your worth is appreciated and recognized. When you are working with a family-owned company, you also become part of that family. To me, that is the most rewarding part. Each individual customer is important to Arco and making sure that they receive the best service and product out there.”

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