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Category Archives: Church steel buildings

5 Tips for Your Post-COVID Church

Seeking Opportunities When Reopening Your Church Operations and regulations are steadily going back to normal with the CDC adjusting its COVID-related recommendations based on our current realities. Your church at this time may be transitioning to or expanding its regular in-person gatherings. While being intentional about this adjustment period in an ever-changing world, consider how…
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10 Tips for Welcoming People with Your 100 x 300 Steel Church Building

Making Church Guests Feel Comfortable and Welcomed If your church struggles with getting first-time visitors to return, you're not alone. According to Elexio, only about 30% of visitors will return for a second visit. You can help improve that number by making guests and attendees feel welcomed. While we might be your go-to steel building provider, our…
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Considering a steel church building

No matter your political bent, it is tough to deny that we live in some pretty challenging times. Traffic snarls, political strife at home and abroad… the world can be a scary place. During times like these, it has been said people turn to one of two establishments: churches and bars. Let’s assume the people…
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