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Choosing a Steel Building For Your Boutique Gym

Boutique Gyms: Fad or Forever?

You may have never used the term boutique gym, but you definitely have seen them and maybe even tried one. Boutique gyms focus on one specific area of fitness. These gyms are smaller, exclusive and offer a more specialized workout than a regular gym. What is for certain however, is that as boutique are becoming more popular the need for special, more featured spaces to accommodate them is as well. So if you are considering the option of creating a boutique gym environment, maybe you should consider starting with a steel building and here is why…

steel building kits

Fab. Fit. Fun.

Boutique style gyms have been popping up at a rate of 450% a year since 2010. Some area chains like Orange Theory, Soul Cycle, Crossfit, Hot Yoga, and Pure Barre, as well as others are singular stand alone establishments. The boutique style gym offers smaller classes to increase more personalized interaction between instructors and class participants, for a heftier price (about $20 per class). This fosters a community atmosphere that gets lost in larger gyms. Knowing your instructors and classmates creates a class based competition where you push each other to what you know they are capable of. Boutique gyms have become extremely trendy and celebrities often share which gym they're obsessing over this month. CBS News reports that over 54 million Americans participate in boutique fitness studios, making them the fastest growing part of the fitness industry. A lot of these gyms boast a "lifestyle" and sell apparel and merchandise to show they are a status symbol. Fitness fanatics are eating them up; boutique fitness studios now account for 42% of the health club market. Read More …

Are You Ready?

The boutique gym market has become extremely lucrative and Arco Building Systems can help you break into it. If you have a vision for a trendy fitness club, let Arco build you the perfect gym that's fully customized, durable and column-less so you gym can look good, be functional and withstand the test of time. To begin planning your new pre-engineered steel gymnasium, contact us at Arco Building Systems. Call us at: 1-800-241-8339 or contact us today to begin work on your new steel building.

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