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Choosing Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings to House Your New Christmas Gifts

What Did Santa Bring You For Christmas?

Keep Your New Christmas Gifts Safe and Secure with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings!

Christmas has finally happened, and that means new gifts! If you were gifted a new car, RV, boat, woodworking tools, farm equipment, or maybe even a plane, you need to keep them somewhere safe and secure. And, preferably close by. Pre-engineered steel buildings from Arco Steel Building Systems will protect your gift from both the elements and intruders. No matter what gift you get, you can count on us for several different options for steel buildings that are sure to fit your needs for storage, business, and collecting.

Boat/RV Storage

pre-engineered-steel-buildings-boatIf Christmas brought you a new boat or RV, you need a pre-engineered steel building with options for size. Keeping your recreational transportation on your own property can save you thousands in yearly storage fees.

While you may only use your boat or RV during certain times of the year, it is essential to maintain its condition during the off-season. Last, security should always be a consideration. Protecting your investment from potential theft and vandalism is critical to maintaining its value.


Pre-Engineered Steel Shop/Garage Buildings

If you're into woodworking, car collecting, or any large-scale hobby, a pre-engineered steel garage building is a must for those new Christmas tools or vehicles. A shop building gives you ample room to work on your projects and store your collections in a climate-controlled space.

Arco steel buildings offer the perfect storage space for woodworking tools, cars, ATVs, and farm equipment. If you received your dream car for Christmas, you can store it in a pre-engineered steel building which allows you more control over the conditions than a regular garage.


Whether for a side hobby or business a pre-engineered steel building makes the perfect, customizable workshop and can include office space. Offering flexibility and durability, steel buildings provide an infinite number of options for installing custom lighting, storage, and workspace solutions.

If your hobby involves working on things for other people, your clients will appreciate you keeping their products safe and secure in a steel garage. Ready to expand your business in 2023? Arco offers steel buildings in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs and goals for whatever hobby or business you wish to pursue.


Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Make Great Aircraft Hangars

pre-engineered steel buildings hangar

Owning a plane is both exciting and a commitment. And if your Christmas gifts included anything to support your love of flight, including a plane, a personal hangar just makes sense.

An airplane is a big investment, so it is important to keep it safe and secure. Arco pre-engineered steel buildings offer private pilots customizable, durable and cost-effective aircraft hangar solutions.

Arco makes aircraft hangar kits with your specific location, access needs, and size in mind. Our airplane hangars are known for durability and top-quality steel. They are also easy to secure, adaptable, low-maintenance, and give an attractive appearance. Our qualified professionals work with local building codes to ensure that all specifications are met.

Why Choose Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings?

Pre-engineered steel building-ArcoPersonal pre-engineered steel buildings offer many benefits over public storage areas. They allow you to keep your expensive investments on your property for quick access and safe storage. They provide flexibility in size. And, offer exceptional value in both cost and construction.

Steel also provides much better protection than buildings made of other types of materials such as wood. They are cost-effective since wood is susceptible to mold, rot, and insects which can be costly to repair. Additionally, steel buildings require very little maintenance in general. They offer fire resistance, making them much safer than other options.

The weather resistance of pre-engineered steel buildings means they withstand the conditions of many different types of climates, making them the best option no matter where you live. Steel buildings are also environmentally friendly since steel is 100% recyclable. Steel buildings allow you to customize your security options and keep your private vehicles in a private space.

An Arco Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Offer Many Features For Those Great New Christmas Gifts

Our pre-engineered steel buildings offer:

  • Climate control to prevent mold and mildew
  • Ventilation
  • Protection from extreme weather (rain, snow, high winds, extreme temperatures)
  • Very little building maintenance
  • Protection from intruders
  • Budget-friendly solutions

Steel buildings also can give you the space needed to have your own in-house shop. The beauty of a steel building is that it allows many options for size, both width, and height. They also can easily be expanded for future growth.

Choose Arco for the highest quality pre-engineered steel buildings to house your Christmas gifts!

Experience the Arco difference when you choose us for your steel building needs. Call us at 1-800-241-8339 or request a quote on our website and learn about the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings.

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