Construction Storage That Keeps Your Investment Secure

Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Offer Secure Storage Solutions For Construction Companies

Construction companies face several challenges that can impact their bottom line, from labor shortages to regulatory red tape. However, one of today's most pressing concerns is the theft and vandalism of construction equipment and materials. According to the National Equipment Register (NER), construction equipment thefts amount to an estimated $300 million to $1 billion annually. Fortunately, Arco Steel Building Systems has some tips on how pre engineered steel buildings can help lessen the risk and damage of such losses.


pre-engineered-steel-buildings-contruct1The threat of theft and vandalism of construction equipment and materials can cause significant headaches for construction companies. Equipment left on job sites or company parking lots can be easy targets for thieves. And construction materials may be damaged by inclement weather or vandalism. The resulting loss of time and money can significantly impact a project's schedule, budget, and profitability.

One solution to mitigate the risk to construction equipment and materials is storage. However, traditional storage solutions such as trailers can be cumbersome, expensive, and only temporary. A better solution is to use pre engineered steel buildings that can provide a secure, cost-effective, and durable solution for construction storage.


Pre engineered steel buildings offer numerous benefits for construction storage, including their sturdiness, ease of construction, and cost-effectiveness. Steel is one of the most durable building materials, and steel buildings are specially designed to withstand extreme weather, making them ideal for long-term construction sites and construction company locations. Additionally, these buildings can be customized to fit the specific equipment and materials that need to be stored, providing ample space and storage options.

The ease of construction of pre engineered steel buildings is another key benefit. These buildings are designed to be assembled quickly.


Storing Construction Equipment Securely in Pre Engineered Buildings

steel-buildings-construct4Pre engineered steel buildings are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are constructed with high-quality steel that is resistant to damage from weather, fire, and other hazards. The steel used in these buildings is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for construction companies.

But the biggest advantage for construction companies is that steel buildings can be customized to meet the specific storage needs for equipment. Whether it is a storage space for heavy machinery or a facility to store smaller equipment, these steel buildings can be designed to provide optimal storage capacity and organization. Additionally, they can be fitted with security features like alarms, motion sensors, and security gates to prevent unauthorized access.


Did You Know…

“It is estimated that the cost of stolen construction materials is around $600 million annually Per Year.”

The National Equipment Register (NER)


Storing Construction Materials Securely

pre-engineered-steel-buildings-construct2Pre engineered steel buildings can be of even greater use in the safe and secure storage of construction materials. These buildings can accommodate storage options for materials such as lumber, cement, plumbing (copper) pipes, fixtures, and roofing supplies.

Keeping construction materials organized is also essential to ensure their longevity. Steel buildings offer optimal storage space and can be outfitted with shelves and racks to better store construction materials.

With designated storage locations, workers can easily find what they need, reducing wasted time searching for equipment and materials. This efficiency can lead to a faster completion time, lowering costs and increasing profitability.


Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Offer Much Needed Versatility

Another benefit of pre engineered steel buildings is their versatility and options for use. These buildings can be designed to fit a variety of construction company needs, including storage, workshops, and even office space. By investing in a steel building, construction companies can create a multi-use building that provides value for years to come.

Arco Steel Building Systems Offers Pre Engineered Steel Buildings That Protect Your Company’s Investment Securely


Construction companies have a lot to keep track of, but theft and damage to equipment, tools, and materials are some of the most pressing concerns. Fortunately, steel buildings are excellent solutions to help protect your construction company's investment. They offer many benefits, including security, durability, organization, and ease of construction.

By investing in these buildings, construction companies can minimize the risk of theft and damage, reduce downtime, and boost profitability. Contact Arco Steel Building Systems today to learn more about how pre engineered steel buildings can benefit your construction team.


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