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Get You Plane Hangar Quick, Interest in Private Jets Is Up

Interest in Private Jets is At Its Highest Since Before the Financial Crisis

The election of President Donald Trump has boosted business and consumer confidence in a number of market segments, specifically in the private jet industry. With the discussions surrounding President Trump's private jet nicknamed, Trump Force One, and whether it should be used during his presidency, has many experts wondering is a plane hangar is in the future for many would-be jet owners.

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Many industry professionals are comparing the economic feasibility of Trump Force One's use to that of the actual Air Force One, speculating on which of the two planes the president will use for his travels. One unexpected, but positive result from this media attention however is that jets are being slated to become one of the top selling items in 2017; a driving factor for personal ownership being a stronger global economy, new technology and growth in the fuel sector.

Another highlight that appears to be pushing private jet purchases is that while still considered a luxury item of the elite, costs for plane ownership are actually becoming more affordable. With jets now available in all sizes and offering a host of features, a costly Boeing 757 is not necessarily the standard. There are also a number of technology developments making business and personal aviation more accessible to a wider variety of clients. Read More …

A Plane Hangar Should Be Your Next Investment

At Arco Building Systems we can build you a steel aircraft hangar for any size private plane. Let us provide you with an attractive, customized and durable space to house your investment when you need a break from the skies. We provide top-quality steel that is adaptable and low maintenance so you are making the most economical choice for your private jet needs. Our qualified, specialist team will assure you get the perfect building to meet your needs. Call us at: 1-800-241-8339 or contact us today to begin work on your new steel building.

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