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Metal Building Prices: The True Cost

How can you lower your metal building prices?

Metal building prices is a primary concern for building owners, builders and developers. Naturally, cost-effectiveness is the goal when it comes to financial planning.

The term "cost" is more complicated than a single line-item total at the bottom of initial bids and estimates. In truth, metal buildings costs have two variables that need to be weighed before any project should commence: first-time costs and lifetime costs.

  • First-time costs are the expenses you pay once - pertaining to the design and construction of your building.
  • Lifetime costs are the costs that go into maintaining the building; these include utility expenses, as well as repairs and replacements.

Steel lowers both first-time & lifetime costs

In terms of metal building prices first-time costs, it is best to work with a pre-engineered steel company with an excellent reputation and experience. That way, your building will be constructed in a timely fashion with little to no delay. Furthermore, you can count on a reputable steel company to help erect your building right the first time exactly as you planned so there are no setbacks.

The Market Is In Place

A good indicator of the long-term cost efficiency of steel is the evolution of its market share, which has steadily increased over the past 15 years. Steel now comprises 90% of the market share for single story commercial and industrial buildings and 70% of the market share for multi-story, non-residential buildings.

New Technology Means New Designs

Gone are the days of simple designs and limited structures. Today, steel buildings are as diverse as the functions they serve. True, steel is still widely used for commercial purposes, but more people are discovering the advantages to building with steel. From steel barns to RV garages, steel frame kit buildings and even steel-framed houses, the possibilities with steel construction are nearly limitless.

Fast Construction Times

Although steel buildings are changing in design, what's not changing is their ease of assembly. This is because the parts are assembled in a factory before being shipped (thus the term pre-engineered or pre-fabricated buildings). With the right experience and a little help, assembling a steel building can be a hassle-free project lowering the metal building prices all together.

If you're looking for a way to save on both short term and long term building costs Arco is the company you need to speak to first. There are a lot of reasons why a pre-engineered steel building makes perfect sense so call us now or request a free quote so we can guide you on your next building purchase. You may also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to learn why most industry experts, business owners and homeowners alike choose metal buildings to suit their needs.

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