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A Metal Fire Station Building Can Exceed Your Expectations

A Metal Fire Station Building Can Exceed Your Expectations

There are many reasons why pre-engineered steel buildings make great fire stations. For starters, metal buildings can be designed to provide maximum use of space. This is of utmost importance since firefighters need adequate space to store their gears and supplies while providing enough room for their trucks. In addition, they also need ample space to allow them to get in and out of the building with ease, especially during fire rescues.

The inherent flexibility of pre-engineered metal construction also gives you the freedom to design your building to suit your unique needs. Aside from providing you a large, uninterrupted space for truck and apparatus bays, you can also incorporate offices, training centers, living, eating and sleeping areas, and physical conditioning rooms without any problems.

Some Other Reasons Why Metal Buildings Make Great Fire Stations

Aside from its superior flexibility, metal buildings also make ideal fire stations for the following reasons:

They are extremely durable. Traditional construction will never be able to keep up with the durability of metal buildings. They can easily withstand extreme weather and loading conditions, and are guaranteed not to rust, warp, buckle, twist or bend. Steel buildings are not susceptible to pest, mold and mildew infestation, and are virtually fire, water and rust-resistant. Metal buildings also carry a longer warranty and can easily last for several generations even with minimal maintenance.

They are more affordable. Since fabrication costs have significantly fallen in recent years, steel buildings are more economical than traditional construction, both initially and in the long-term. In addition, metal construction also requires lower labor, foundation, and maintenance costs.

They are more energy efficient. By using factory-insulated wall panels, sandwich panels, cool metal roofs, and skylights, steel buildings can be designed to achieve maximum thermal and energy efficiency.

A metal fire station building makes a lot of sense so call us now or request for a free quote so we can guide you on your next building purchase. You may also follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages to learn why most industry experts, business owners and homeowners alike choose metal buildings.

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