Metal Shop Buildings Can Make the Perfect Workshop for Father-Son Bonding

Activities What's Better Than a Man Cave? A Father Son Workshop.

In a world of technology everything many families are searching for ways to re-connect as a family. Nothing can be a better way of doing this than by finding activities and hobbies that can be done together. For fathers and sons finding the perfect bonding activity can be as close as the garage and nothing makes a better workshop garage than metal shop buildings.

When it comes to choosing that perfect hobby there are tons to choose from, here are a few of our favorites to share:

    steel building kits

  1. RC Airplanes – Take to the skies literally. RC Airplanes are the height of fun. Learning to maneuver the clouds and do aerial acrobatics will provide hours of bonding time. With metal shop buildings you get the space to collect and work on these beauties by providing yourselves with the perfect personal plane hangar.
  2. Car Restoration – Nothing can teach a teenager the importance and responsibility of car ownership better than restoring a classic car (or everyday clunker). Spending time in the grease pit can provide great opportunities for conversation that would ordinarily be hidden behind a cell phone screen. While tools can be fairly pricey start out slow and build up your collection. Finding gems at flea markets is a perfect opportunity to get out together.
  3. Model Trains – While model trains have not been at the forefront of the technology world, they have garnered the hearts of diehard hobbyists for generations. The beauty of this hobby is that there are so many choices between old steam engine era trains to modern day speed engine replicas. Start out small to see how you and your son like them and if it takes hold you can grow for years. Model train experts have whole steel workshops dedicated to their "train rooms". This hobby is not just one for fathers and sons, but for generations of families.
  4. steel building kits

  5. Pinewood Derby Cars – Many scouts already are familiar with this exciting activity. But Dads can share in the fun by helping sons to learn the skills of woodcarving, sanding and building. Having a wood shop with tons of tools to try out is a great opportunity to move even further from derby cars into wood working.
  6. Sports – Need we say more? Find your passion or passions through sports. There is a world of activity to be explored. Whether archery, football, baseball, or hunting, having the storage space for all your equipment means you don't have to stick to one sport only. Metal shop buildings provide you as much room as you need to house camping equipment, canoes, kayaks…even that large screen television to kick back and watch the games as a family.

steel building kits

Time Together

No matter what the hobby, activity or sport, the important thing is to reconnect as father and son. Spending time together assures that the important conversations take place and that communication lines stay open. In the end it won't be the time you both spent on your iPhones that matters but the time you spent making that derby car that came in fifth place.

Metal Shop Buildings For the Perfect Father-Son Hobby Space

At Arco Building Systems, families mean everything to us. If you are looking for the perfect space for your father-son activities, give us a call at: 1-800-241-8339. We specialize in metal shop buildings for every need or hobby. Our customer specialists can help you find a pre-engineered steel building or metal building kit that is affordable and customizable to fit your family perfectly.

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