Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Make the Ideal Cold Storage Facility

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Make the Ideal Cold Storage Facility

If you are looking to build a cold storage facility or refrigerated warehouse, then you should consider using a pre-engineered steel building. Since maintaining a controlled central environment is a primary consideration in the cold storage warehousing business, your building choice will significantly affect the success or failure of your endeavour.

Why choose pre-engineered steel buildings for your cold storage warehousing needs? Let us count the reasons why you should.

Steel buildings are ideal for this application since they can be designed to create and maintain the precise environmental conditions required by the products that will be stored in the facility. Insulated steel panels can be used to provide superior thermal performance, ensure maximum energy efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

Pre-engineered metal buildings also rank high when it comes to space efficiency. Steel buildings use lightweight steel portal frames to provide expansive internal spans and heights. These buildings are also extremely flexible and can be readily expanded or modified when needed without much hassle. They can also be dismantled and relocated with ease, if needed.

In addition, metal buildings are extremely durable and can easily withstand extreme weather. Unlike traditional construction, they present no fire hazards and are not susceptible to rust, mold and mildew infestation.

Metal buildings also require very minimal maintenance. Steel is guaranteed not to rot, warp or crack so you don't need to worry about spending a fortune on repairs and renovations. There is even no need for you to repaint it every couple of years to maintain its appearance.

Compared to conventional construction, steel buildings are easier and faster to erect. Since all the components are fabricated in a factory under strict quality control and the pieces fit together perfectly, all you need to do is to bolt them in place. This significantly speeds up the construction process and allows you to save on construction costs.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are the perfect solution for your cold storage needs so contact us  or request a free quote today. You can also follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages to learn why metal buildings make the most sense for you and your business.

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