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Pre-engineered Steel School Buildings Make Great School Facilities

Are you in the process of building an academic facility or are planning to install additional amenities to meet your institution's current and future needs? Since new educational buildings need to be completed within one academic year while building extensions need to be finished within three months during the summer vacation, pre-engineered steel buildings would be the most logical solution.

In addition, steel buildings also satisfy the spatial requirements specified in the Department for Education Building Bulletins. They are flexible enough to allow for immediate changes, and provide satisfactory acoustic and thermal insulation.

Reasons Why Steel School Buildings Make Ideal School Facilities 

Quick build time
Since all the components are pre-engineered offsite, steel buildings require shorter build times. This means that your new building can easily conform to the directives set by the Department for Education.

Steel is considered as one of the strongest man-made materials available today. A properly constructed steel building provides extreme weather, pest, and fire resistance while sustaining little or no structural damage.

Adaptable and flexible
By choosing pre-fabricated metal buildings, you have the freedom to design your layout according to your needs. The internal steel walls are light enough to allow for easy relocation while long span steel construction allows you to create column-free interiors ideal for gymnasiums and large meeting spaces.

Superior acoustic performance
When properly insulated, steel buildings provide a sound-proof environment required for teaching.

Environmentally friendly
Aside from the fact that pre-engineered metal buildings are made from 100% recyclable materials, they can also be very energy efficient. If you are located in a warmer climate, you can choose a roof that reflects the sun's heat back to the environment to reduce your school's cooling load. On the other hand, if you are located in cooler climates, you can choose a roof that enhances solar heat gain. You can also install skylights and solar tubes to let more natural light in without compromising the integrity of your metal roof.

There are a lot of advantages when you choose to use pre-engineered steel school buildings so call us now or request for a free quote to begin your ordering process.

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