Steel and The Empire State Building

Steel has deep roots in the U.S.'s skyscraper history. Some of our most prominent buildings have been made with steel frames. One of the most notable buildings across the world is the Empire State Building, the crowning jewel of Manhattan. Construction began on March 17th, 1931.

The Empire State Building's frame is constructed by 57,000 tons of steel and beams and towers over at 107 stories. The steel columns are fireproof and encased in concrete which makes the Empire State Building strong, durable, and resilient to all inclement weather. While it may not be the tallest building in New York it is certainly the most recognizable.

The Empire State Building is one example of how the steel industry played an integral part of our history. It also stands as a testimony of the power and withstanding of steel as a framework for one of the greatest buildings of all time.

Still wondering why you should choose steel?

Steel buildings are fully customizable. Whether you need an elaborate banquet facility, a driving range or a storage facility for your golf carts, you can have a building that fully meets your needs when you choose to build with steel. By going for an all-metal building, you can also choose your own roofing design, interior and exterior finish, windows and doors, and color scheme. You may also incorporate other building accessories to suit your application.

Steel buildings are more economical. Metal buildings are more economical to build. Aside from the fact that steel fabrication costs have significantly fallen in recent times, the components of your steel building will arrive at the project site ready for assembly. This significantly reduces building time and labor costs, and allows you to start operations in a shorter period of time. Steel buildings also require smaller foundations so you can also save money on foundation costs.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are extremely durable. Steel buildings can easily last for several generations – even with minimal maintenance. They are strong enough to resist extreme weather (heavy rains or snow loads, strong winds, seismic loads, etc.), and are guaranteed not to rot, rust, warp or shrink. You can also be sure that these buildings will not attract termites, mold and mildew.

Metal buildings are sustainable. Steel buildings are made from 100% recyclable materials and can be designed for maximum energy and thermal efficiency.

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