5 Maintenance Tips for Your Steel Building

Important Steel Building Upkeep Steps

At Arco Building Systems, we have been in the steel building industry for a long time and truly believe these structures are the best solution for our clients—that’s why we recommend them. One of the many benefits of steel buildings that we believe is valuable for business owners is that the structures are low-maintenance. That said, natural elements and the day-to-day of a work environment will cause wear and tear on even the strongest building. While our buildings generally require less maintenance than other structures, the team at Arco Building Systems has listed out the top maintenance tips 100 x 300 steel building owners should be aware of.

Ways to Care for Your Steel Building

1. Regular Inspections100 x 300 steel building inspection

By either hiring a professional or setting aside time in your schedule, make an effort to inspect your building for any maintenance needs. Some surface-level issues to look out for are holes, cracking, or any compromises to the paint. Be sure to properly and promptly address the identified issues to ensure your building is in great condition for years to come.

2. Insulation

100 x 300 steel buildings are strong and long-lasting structures, but just like any building, they need good insulation to reduce moisture and to increase energy efficiency. In some cases, insulation may be taken over by nesting animals. Given that unmaintained insulation may bring upon other issues, it’s especially important to inspect your building’s insulation when possible.

3. Preventative Maintenance100 x 300 steel building paint

We all know preventative maintenance will save you money in the long run—for example, it’s more cost-effective to change your oil every 5,000 miles rather than to repair the damage that zero maintenance will cause. The return on preventative maintenance may not be evident but assuredly keeps your building in overall great condition while helping your operations run smoothly with minimal structure-related interruptions.

4. General Cleanup

If you’ve let snow build up on your roof or have let some landscaping overgrow, you may be allowing unnecessary wear and tear to damage your building. Consider clearing your roof of any debris and trimming back any shrubbery or plant life that may be resting on your building. Identify a time during the calendar year when you can soft wash the building to help protect the exterior or prolong the paint.

5. Keep a Maintenance Log

No matter how major or how minor, stay organized by tracking what repairs you’ve done to the building. This may help you better understand future maintenance needs. Also, logging your upkeep will help you learn what needs to be done on a regular basis and how frequently it should be done, ultimately helping you to understand what your building needs to stay in great shape. For quick and handy access, store this information on a spreadsheet.

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