He Shed, She Shed

Finding Your Own Space with a Steel Building

Today, we’re getting caught up in the “he shed, she shed.” No, we’re not talking about the drama of “he said, she said.” Joking aside, having your own space is invaluable. A “he shed” or a “she shed” can be a place where you can express yourself, get some work done, and really delve into the fulfilling activities that give you a reason to smile. Join us as we discuss the many uses for a “he shed” or “she shed” and why pre-engineered steel buildings are the perfect option for them.

Uses for a “He Shed”

pre engineered steel buildingsFellas, it’s time you have a space all to your own. For those times when the garage just isn’t quite enough, a he shed will get the job done. Below are just a few ideas of what you could use your he shed for.

Let’s face it—sometimes, you need more than a two-car garage. Whether you want to have a secure storage space for a classic car collection, have room to get under the hood, keep your tools organized, or all of the above, a he shed will work perfectly for you. It’s a place where you can get your hands dirty and keep your cars clean.

Pre-engineered steel buildings of a certain size are incredible options for storing boats, RVs, and other large equipment. This storage solution will increase the lifespan of your equipment by protecting it from the elements. Also, a steel building for storage will be a secure spot that can make severe inclement weather, theft, and other threats essentially a non-issue.

Woodworking not only requires a lot of time and dedication—it can also require a lot of resources and space. From storage for wood to tools, a he shed can host your dream setup for a woodworking shop. If you like woodworking now, you’ll love it with your very own he shed.

Rec Room
For some, a movie room in their basement is all they need. For others, they might want a little more. A he shed can be the perfect spot for air hockey tables, workout equipment, and everything in between. Of course, this can be in addition to the other practical uses you have for the building; every weekend warrior needs to take a break sometimes though.

Uses for a “She Shed”

pre engineered steel buildingsLadies, this is your chance to make your own rules. This is your space, so do what you want with it! The possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples of what you can do with your very own she shed.

Social butterflies can make use of a she shed by transforming it into the ideal backyard gathering spot. The she shed can be a secluded and relaxing place to snack, chat, and all that.

A she shed can serve as the ultimate resource for avid gardeners. It can come in handy with supply storage and tool organization all while being a safe haven to bring in your pots when heavy storms are in the area.

We all enjoy a little privacy, right? With a she shed, you can get into a deep focus to read, write, or take on any hobby you’d like. A she shed can be a place where “what’s for dinner?” isn’t a question as you take a deep dive into doing what you love—all without interruptions.

Women can put some elbow grease into it too, right? Whatever a he shed is used for, a she shed can be used for as well. From storage to your very own garage for weekend projects, a she shed can work just as hard as a he shed.

What’s the Best Building Type for Your Shed?

Pre-engineered steel buildings are the preferred choice among many for residential and commercial purposes. Industries of all kinds rely on steel buildings for their durability and low-maintenance qualities. Even for the average joe, they are incredibly practical by offering customizability and being completely adaptable to what you need the structure for.

You can listen to the “he said, she said” all you want, but the facts point to one thing: Steel buildings are the ideal choice.

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