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A 50×100 Steel Building Can be the Perfect Solution for Your Church Growth Needs

Further Your Ministry with a 50x100 Steel Building

As churches go from small to mid-sized, leadership is usually led to expand the campus to accommodate the growing congregation. Thriving congregations usually experience an increase in attendance because of new generations being born and an overall escalating passion for ministry. With more members of the body come new ministry opportunities such as vacation Bible school, youth group activities and weddings. Growth is a great problem to have, and a 50x100 steel building is the ideal solution to further your ministry.

How a 50x100 Steel Building Can Improve Your Church

50x100 Steel Building - Worship ChurchThose in church leadership often have to get creative when managing the church budget. Decisions are made with the best interest of the congregation, church vision and ministry in mind. Investing in an expansion on your campus can be overwhelming, but the options realistically are limited when you consider time, durability, appeal and the future. Steel as a building material is the only option that provides every one of those decisive factors.

Minister Quicker

Due to the comparative simplicity of assembly, steel buildings can be quickly erected. Given this, a 50x100 steel building would take a shorter time to erect than similar projects of an alternative material.

Serve More

When tragedy strikes your area, your 50x100 steel building will be among the strongest structures. Steel is a material that is weather-resistant, so the damage will be minimized in comparison to other building materials. Using steel as your building material could give your church body the chance to serve its community after a tragedy rather than focusing all your efforts on restoring your own property.

50x100 Steel Building - Bible Study ChurchAppeal to New Worshippers

By offering more events, service opportunities and outlets of ministry through your expanded facilities, your church will become more attractive to those seeking a new place of worship. Steel buildings are incredibly versatile and can be modified aesthetically to be in-line with the visual aspects of your current facilities or the creative visions leadership has for the campus.

Growth Options

Steel buildings are ideal to adhere to your ministry’s mission. They have flexible layout options and are adaptable for future expansions and remodels. Any church that’s focused on long-term needs would benefit from investing in a 50x100 steel building.

Count on Arco for Your 50x100 Steel Building

The features found in a 50x100 steel building can’t be replicated by any other building material. Expand your church's reach with a new addition. Contact us today at 1-800-241-8339 or request a quote on our website. You may also connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your needs.


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