A 100 x 300 Steel Building Offers Storage Sense For Your Antique Business

How A 100 x 300 Steel Building Benefits Antique Shops

As a steel building manufacturer, we understand the importance of structural strength. We bring that up because we have an appreciation for preservation, and we are proud to help put antique stores in buildings that exceed their expectations and needs. Antique shops are an adventure to visit and a journey to manage, but the building itself doesn’t have to be an adventure. Having the peace-of-mind that your building is reliable is an irreplaceable feeling, which is why the experts here at Arco Building Systems recommend you invest in a 100 x 300 steel building for your antique shop.

The Advantages Of A 100 x 300 Steel Building

Business owners understandably want the most sensible option, which is why the staff here at Arco recommends a steel building. Whether for your main shop or as a secondary warehouse for storage, a steel building is ideal for an antique business. From visuals to durability, below are just a few of the countless advantages of steel buildings.

commercial-11Create Your Aesthetic

Being in the business of antiques, you probably put a proper emphasis on style and the appearance of your workplace. Upon first thought, many business owners might deem steel buildings as industrial in appearance. That being said, the phrase steel building simply refers to the building material used to manufacture the structure. With that in mind, steel buildings come in all shapes in sizes – with the ability to conform to your aesthetic vision. The façade of your building can have a classy brick look to it, and the interior can have a high-class appeal with drywall and crown molding if you so wish – all while having the benefit of the structural advantage of a 100 x 300 steel building.

Protect Your Inventory

In addition to being adaptable to many visual styles, steel buildings are advantageous for business owners because they are incredibly sound. Stone, cement or wood as building materials cannot compare to the overall strength of steel. As a weather-resistant material, steel has a higher tolerance to strong winds than other building materials do. Additionally, steel is also not conducive to fires, meaning that steel is non-combustible. Alternative materials such as wood are, so steel building owners naturally have an advantage regarding wildfires, fires caused by thunderstorms or any other fires. This makes steel buildings a great option for your antique store or warehouse.

Steel building owners also reap the benefit of saving money throughout the lifetime of the structure. How so? Steel is a low-maintenance material in many ways. Imagine how often you have to treat wood structures for insects. Timber also has to be replaced every now and then due to wood rot. On that same token, wood has to be painted more often than steel. Metal buildings do not require the amount of maintenance that buildings of other materials do. With a 100 x 300 steel building, your business can save money on building upkeep and rather invest those funds to further the company.

100_x_300_Steel_Building_Business_GrowthSet Yourself Up For Success

Your antique business is only so big right now, but always have a plan for business growth. Even if you don’t have plans on expanding this location in the future, a 100 x 300 steel building would provide this option. Business growth can sometimes be unexpected, but it’s always welcomed. Steel buildings have ease of expansion qualities that could allow your antique business to add an additional showroom, backroom or office area to fit your needs.

The most successful stores are strategically set up to increase sales; that’s why endcaps exist and small items like candy and packs of gum, which are usually impulse buys, are displayed near the register. As a store owner, you probably have a good idea of what layouts work and which ones don’t. Given that, steel buildings offer customizable layout options, which is ideal for store owners. From where you locate the offices to where the restrooms go, you can customize your store’s layout with a steel building.

Contact Arco Building Systems For Your 100 x 300 Steel Building Solution

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