Answering Your FAQs About Steel Buildings

What You Need to Know About Commercial Steel Buildings 

Businesses that put pride in their work set themselves up for success. To make this happen, they need a workplace that works just as hard as they doYou may have heard that steel buildings are a great option for commercial construction projects, but you may understandably have more questions. Let’s run through some FAQs about commercial steel buildings to give you a better picture as to how one can be an answer for your project. 

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Steel Building FAQs


How much does a steel building cost?

A lot of business decisions come down to one thing: cost. Of course, quality is a significant point to consider, but we also understand that this investment has to fit into a specific budget. The good news about commercial steel buildings is that they, without compromising quality, are affordable for businesses, relative to alternatives on the market. The price will vary based on size, features, and other factors, but here’s what we can tell you without a doubt: Commercial Steel Buildings

  • Steel buildings are quickly assembled 
    • Which saves money on construction costs 
  • Steel buildings are low-maintenance 
    • Meaning upkeep expenses are generally lower 

The top reason why we supply businesses with steel buildings is that we believe in this product. We believe this is a great option for construction projects, providing quality at an affordable price.

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Can I assemble a pre-engineered building on my own?Commercial Steel Buildings

Commercial steel buildings are engineered and manufactured for quick installation. That said, they are almost always erected by professional construction crews. While this will add to upfront costs, it ensures the structure is assembled correctly, resulting in a final product with no issues. Arco Building Systems is happy to refer you to construction companies we trust and know do an excellent job 


How long does it take to erect a steel building?

As you may expect, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. Again, this depends on the size and other aspects of a structure. Typically, the assembly process lasts a little over a month—in many cases, six weeks for a 100 x 100 building.

For a more accurate estimation based on your construction project’s specific details, contact us 


What industries benefit from steel buildings?

Commercial steel buildings are a great fit for many businesses. These structures are dependable and long-lasting, making them among the best options for most operations in need of a new facility.  

We’ve supplied commercial steel buildings for businesses in these industries:

  • Retail 
  • Warehouses 
  • Schools 
  • Churches/places of worship 
  • Municipal 
  • And more 


How do I choose a steel building supplier?Commercial Steel Buildings

Choosing a building for an upcoming project is not a small decision—especially considering the structure will be your workplace for years to come. It’s better to go through this process with a knowledgeable team. Choose a supplier with decades of experience and that will guide you to make an informed decision, pairing you with the best possible productA good, honest supplier will take into account your budget, needs, and other project details to find a structure that matches your circumstances.  

At Arco, we can tell you up front that we’re not here to make a sale—we want to partner with you to make sure your business makes an informed purchase. Our knowledgeable team has many years of experience helping businesses like yoursWe’ll work with you to find a solution that works. That’s the Arco difference 

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