Arco Steel Answers, ‘Is A 10000 Square Foot Metal Building Cost Really Worth It?’

10000 Square Foot Metal Building Cost Factors

Whether you’re looking to expand your facilities for business or personal use, making the correct investment is incredibly important to anyone. As with any large investment, the final cost doesn't necessarily end with the price tag. Considerations such as longevity and maintenance play a role. Today, the experts at Arco Building Systems will explore some of the top factors when weighing a 10000 square foot metal building cost.

Top 4 Considerations Of A 10000 Square Foot Metal Building Cost



Steel buildings offer ease of expansion and are incredibly durable. The adaptable nature of steel makes it a wise long-term investment as building owners can easily add an expansion in the future. Also, steel is weather-resistant, so it is a great long-term option considering damage expenses. Speaking of expenses, steel is low-maintenance, which is another money-saving aspect that works well for the long-term.


Owners of steel buildings save money because steel as a building material is low-maintenance. Steel buildings are weather-resistant because they will not rot or crack as other materials are prone to as a result of heavy weather. Also, steel is not susceptible to insect damage. Given that, owners of steel buildings could possibly pay less for pest control and will certainly save on pest-related damage repairs. Steel usually does not need to be painted as frequently as other materials, so owners can save on large painting jobs with steel by reducing the number of times that upkeep need is required.


Steel is a 100 percent recyclable material. According to National Geographic, each ton of recycled steel saves one and a half tons of iron ore, half a ton of coal, 75 percent of the energy and 40 percent the water that would otherwise be required to make steel from scratch. In the same study, National Geographic reported that air pollution is reduced by 86 percent and water pollution by 76 percent. As those staggering numbers display, recycling steel is incredibly beneficial. Alternative building materials, however, are not 100 percent recyclable as steel is.

Quick Assembly Time

As well as being a durable building material, steel is relatively easy for construction crews to assemble, meaning that pre-engineered metal buildings can be erected quickly. Steel is a light yet tough material, so building crews do not have to spend as much time assembling the structure as they would for buildings of alternative materials.

FAQs About A 10000 Square Foot Metal Building Cost

What Can A Steel Building Be Used For?

Steel buildings can be used for myriad purposes. Various industries and hobbyists rely on the durability and reliability of steel buildings. Below are just a few examples of the endless purposes a steel building could be used for:

  • commercial-9-newAgricultural businesses
  • Airplane hangar
  • Animal shelters
  • Banks
  • Barns
  • Car dealerships
  • Churches
  • Homes
  • Marinas
  • Office buildings
  • Personal garage
  • Recreational centers
  • Retail
  • Storage facilities
  • Warehouse
What Makes Steel Buildings So Durable?

At Arco Building Systems, we manufacture our buildings using steel because it is the most effective material available on the market. During both the assembly period and during the lifespan of the structure, steel buildings have advantages that other building materials do not have. Steel can be quickly assembled because it is a lighter material than wood and can be handled easier than other alternative materials. Additionally, steel’s durability and low-maintenance qualities make it the best long-term option for owners. They are cost-effective in the long run, which is why a 10,000 square foot metal building cost, when considering longevity and other factors, is ideal.

How Will I Save Money With A Steel Building?

When making a large investment, the initial price tag isn’t the only consideration. Steel buildings can be assembled quicker than buildings of alternative materials, which can save on labor costs. Additionally, steel buildings require minimal upkeep, so owners can save on ongoing costs throughout the building’s lifespan.

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