Arco Welcomes New Employee, Highlights Employee of the Year

Our customers wouldn’t feel the Arco Difference without our amazing employees. The Arco difference extends to our employees who work with a dedicated, family-like team. This creates the difference that make us the preferred choice for your metal building. This month, we would like to introduce you to Mike Graves, our newest employee, as well as spotlight our employee of the year, Perry Godley.

Meet Mike Graves


From left to right: Carolyn, Mike, and Todd at Arco's annual golf tournament (May 2023)

Building Consultant Mike’s journey to Arco shows how the Arco difference extends to employees as well as customers. He shares why he was drawn to apply for a job at Arco:

“One of my best friends worked at Arco when he was fresh out of college. I was looking for a new opportunity and he thought Arco would be a great fit for me. He told me how much he admired Carolyn and Todd Wade and that he continues to do business with them today. My friend reached out to Carolyn and Todd to see if they were hiring, and fortunately they were. Needless to say, I got the job and I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to prove myself here.”

Mike is new to the steel building industry, but he brings with him years of experience with metal products and building maintenance. In the past, he worked for a heating equipment manufacturer, a battery manufacturer, and flexible metal hose and expansion joint manufacturers. He also has several years of experience with exterior building maintenance and residential roofing.

We asked him what skills he brings to the Arco team:

“Early in my professional career, I helped lead a company to ISO 9001 certification as a quality assurance specialist. In that role, I learned the fundamentals of how a company should operate. Since then, I have been an operations manager, a small business owner, and an inside sales/account manager. Having a non-linear career path has allowed me to develop a varied skill set. However, in nearly all these positions, I worked directly with customers. I have been in sales in some form or fashion for most of my life.”

Arco’s work environment stands out to Mike, and he shares his expectations and goals for his new role:

“Everyone seems to be genuinely happy here. Arco is a team of friendly, experienced, knowledgeable people and I’m excited to be the newest member of that team. I’m also looking forward to helping customers with their metal building needs. Purchasing a metal building is a major expenditure for most people. Helping customers get exactly what they need, at an affordable price, within the time frame they need it will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience.

I want to exceed the expectations of a new hire. I have a lot to learn, but I hope to gain the knowledge and confidence of a seasoned professional as soon as I possibly can.”

When asked what the Arco difference means to him, Mike says:

“Arco Building Systems is in a very competitive market and year after year Arco is one of the largest suppliers of steel buildings in the United States. Why? Exceptional customer service. The sales representatives are not just order takers. They are knowledgeable building consultants who understand that every customer is unique. They listen to the customer’s needs, advise them of their options, and treat them as they would a good friend or neighbor.”

Perry Godley Spotlight


Perry's 10-year Arco Anniversary (2019)

Our building consultant Perry Godley is honored to be Arco’s 2022 employee of the year. Perry joined the Arco family in October 2009 after seeing an internet ad for an open role. He brought his previous experience in construction and has combined it with exceptional customer service to create the Arco difference our customers love. He is the perfect representative of what the Arco difference means to our employees and customers. Perry prides himself on the wide range of customers he has served. In several states all over the U.S., stretching from South Florida to Vermont, you can find a metal building that he helped sell.

Perry looks back on his experience at Arco and reflects on his favorite moments.

When asked about his favorite memory at Arco, he replies:

“The 1st time I had the most building orders in one month (11).”

Perry has shown us how he values all our customers equally. When asked if he has a favorite building he sold, he says:

The last order in. Each and every time.”

When reflecting on Arco’s growth over the past decade, Perry says

“Our software has improved with the ability to price more options for our customers.”

Perry embodies the Arco difference. He says that his work ethic and answering the phone with a smile contributes to his success.

When asked what the Arco difference means to him, his answer is simple.


We asked Perry about his favorite part of working in the steel industry. He tells us,

“We are not just selling a product.  We get to work with the customers to create a building that meets their needs.  It is also rewarding to have customers with whom you work with on multiple projects and who send you referrals.”

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