What Would an Arco Steel Building for Amazon Look Like?

Would It Be a 100 x 300 Steel Building?

Online shopping is becoming bigger and more prevalent every year. Per CNBC, online shipping sales for the first time recently have exceeded storefront sales. With online retailers dominating the market, this may not come as a surprise to anyone. That said, corporations such as Amazon need robust warehouses and fulfillment centers, sometimes as large as 1 million square feet. These fulfillment centers have round-the-clock operations and need to accommodate the heavy workload of a huge online retailer like Amazon. That got us thinking, what would an Amazon fulfillment center look like if Arco supplied the steel structure?

Envisioning an Amazon Fulfillment Center from Arco

Size: It’s More Than a 100 x 300 Steel Building10,000 Square Foot Building - Warehouse

Arco Building Systems is known for its durable and reliable 100 x 300 steel buildings, equipping businesses like yours with the perfect facility for its operations. If Amazon were to utilize one of our long-lasting buildings, we would have to supply a building that has square footage in the hundreds of thousands to fulfill their needs.

Through its several types of fulfillment centers, Amazon’s warehouses range between 400,000 to 1 million square feet, many centers being about 800,000 square feet. Per Amazon, the retail giant has 110 fulfillment centers in the U.S., surpassing over 150 million square feet worldwide—that’s over 5 square miles total!

With 250,000 fulfillment center associates nationwide, each U.S.-based Amazon warehouse holds on average more than 2,000 associates—that’s 250,000 U.S. associates helping to deliver your package.

Equipment: It’s More Than Forklifts and Conveyor Belts100 x 300 steel building_Amazon fulfillment center equipment

As a leader in operations and technology, Amazon functions a little differently than your average warehouse. If you’ve ever wondered how Amazon achieves its quick delivery, you might not have considered that some of their “associates” are perfectly designed and programed for efficiency. Worldwide, 26 of Amazon’s 175 fulfillment centers utilize robot help—working alongside human associates.

Arco’s 100 x 300 steel buildings offer customizable layouts. If an operation like Amazon were to use one of our structures, they would be able to optimize the layout to accommodate innovative practices such as incorporating robots. Whatever your warehouse needs are, we can supply the building. If you want to have your own robot maid like Rosie from The Jetsons, we’re not here to question that—we’re just here to give you a building perfect for your needs.

Need a Building as Big as Amazon’s?

No Matter Your Needs, Let Arco Supply Your Facilities

Every Amazon order is delivered in a box with a smile on it. Similarly, every Arco experience is delivered with a smile. Arco is a team of knowledgeable and helpful specialists who have one goal in mind: to serve you. Whether you’re looking to expand your facilities to Amazon proportions or you’re in the market for a 100 x 300 steel building, Arco Building Systems has you covered.

Reach out to us today at 1-800-241-8339 or by requesting a quote on our website for specialized support. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more on how our 100 x 300 steel buildings and other products can benefit your services.


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