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Arco Welcomes Our New Bilingual Building Consultant

Expanding Our Services to the Spanish-Speaking Community

Arco Building Systems since being founded in the 1970s has prioritized exceptional customer service, lending valuable industry insight for the best results. Here at Arco, we truly believe the right steel building can be a beneficial investment for businesses, providing them with a worthwhile asset that can improve their operations. That said, our mission is to serve a wide range of business owners and contractors, pairing them with steel building solutions that make a difference.

With excitement, we would like to announce our newest building consultant, Javier Ramirez, whose bilingual background allows us to proudly be of service to the Spanish-speaking community.

Get to Know Javier Ramirez

Arco’s Newest Building Consultant

Javier Ramirez joins our team with an extensive customer service-oriented background and a familiarity in the construction industry. Through his experience as a hardware department manager at The Home Depot, Javier learned the value of listening to the customer’s needs and what it takes to achieve their project goals.

illustration of a hardware store, steel building

More recently, Javier has served in the building automation field, having been responsible for integrating and servicing high-end hardware and software for clients. This included properties ranging from data centers to medical facilities, as Javier applied his skills to ensure their HVAC, electrical, and data systems ran smoothly.

Javier says he has enjoyed and appreciated, “The overwhelmingly positive and welcoming attitude from [Arco’s] established and knowledgeable team. Everyone here takes care of each other, and I’m excited to start contributing in my own way to the Arco family.”

Having served in diverse roles applicable to Arco’s services, Javier’s unique combination of customer-centered experience, a composed mindset, and a commitment to excellence makes him a great asset. Our company and every customer Javier works with will benefit from his insight and dedicated approach.

Reaching the Spanish-Speaking Community image of construction professionals having a conversation, steel building

The Hispanic/Latino population accounts for as much as 32% of the construction and 36% of the warehousing and storage industries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“I am honored and thrilled to be able to build new relationships and share the Arco difference with the Spanish-speaking community,” Javier says. “I’ve always had a drive towards helping people, and my Spanish-speaking background enabled me early on to help others, such as Contractors back when I was at The Home Depot.”

We are delighted to have Javier so Arco can reach and serve this community to pair them with solutions that lead to fantastic results.

“I’ve been fortunate enough since then to keep interacting and assisting my fellow members of the Spanish-speaking community over the years in my professional and personal life,” Javier says. “With this great of a team at Arco, there is no shortage of knowledge and training for me to be able to be of service to the Hispanic/Latino community to help goals and dreams become a reality.”

Experience the Arco Difference

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Mike Dvorak_Steel BuildingArco Building Systems has a longstanding history of treating our customers right. Through honesty, we want all our customers to be put in a position for success. We value the relationships we form with every customer and are focused on your satisfaction.

“To me, the ‘Arco difference’ means building relationships and doing right by our customers, because even if a sale isn’t made that individual will remember the honesty and respect that was given to them,” Javier says. “I’ve built lasting relationships with customers and clients with whom to this day I still keep in contact with and look forward to all the new connections I will make here at Arco.”

Arco Building Systems is ready to answer any questions you may have about a new steel building for your business. Get started today by reaching out to us at 1-800-241-8339 or by requesting a quote on our website.

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