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Is a Steel Building a Sensible Summertime Storage Solution for Boats & RVs

Storage for Your Boat or RV is a Bright Idea This Summer

Summertime is finally upon us. This is a time of year that’s freeing, inspiring many to get out and explore the world we live in. It’s an opportunity to enjoy time off by doing what we love most. Boat and RV owners invest a lot of time and resources into caring for their vehicles. For that reason, mini storage is essential for keeping your boat or RV in top operational condition. Make the most of this summer and onto the offseason with a pre-engineered building: a cost-effective option for boat and RV storage.

How a Pre-Engineered Building is Worth the Cost for Boat & RV Storage


A “need,” not a “want”

Boat and RV owners undoubtedly love their craft. It’s an investment and a lifestyle that necessitates a lot of care and dedication to keep the vehicle in good condition. Given that, proper storage is necessary for keeping your investment safe. A reliable storage space will protect your vehicle from potential break-ins, inclement weather, damage, and offseason wear and tear that may occur outdoors or in a public storage area.

pre engineered building cost

Protect your boat from...

  • Break-Ins
  • Inclement Weather
  • Damage
  • Offseason Wear & Tear

Utilizing a steel building for storage makes your life as a boat or RV owner easier. The structure will give you a convenient space to perform maintenance of the machine or winterize your vehicle. Also equipped with appropriate ventilation, steel buildings are more functional than a typical garage unit by offering adequate air circulation and climate-controlled features to avoid mildew or other related issues. While non-climate-controlled units are an option, the characteristics of a steel building are key to avoiding potential problems some boat and RV owners might not otherwise consider.


Steel buildings work hard so you can have fun

Building off the last point, steel structures are incredibly durable. Think about the time and resources you invest into keeping your boat or RV clean and operational. Steel buildings are preferred across several industries for their weather-resistant and long-lasting qualities. No matter where you are in the country, you are susceptible to inclement weather—including snow, heavy rain, extreme temperatures, and high winds among other elements.

A steel building used as a boat or RV storage unit will provide the best protection possible against Mother Nature.

commercial steel buildings_pre engineered building costConvenience

A low-maintenance solution

With a private boat or RV storage space, owners can customize the area to their liking. This may include having tools, equipment, and supplies accessible to make maintenance simpler. Speaking of maintenance, a pre-engineered building is a cost-effective option because of the minimal maintenance required. Steel as a building material does not require much upkeep, especially when compared to alternatives such as timber or brick. For this reason, steel buildings provide a high return on investment by minimizing maintenance costs in addition to numerous other benefits such as durability.

Experience the Arco Difference

Contact Arco for the Ideal Storage Solution for Your Boat or RV

Since 1979, Arco Building Systems has prioritized a customer-first approach. Our longtime industry experts and knowledgeable building consultants are dedicated to helping every customer reach their goals. With a five-star rating and an A+ from the BBB, Arco Buildings Systems prides ourselves in premium customer service and supplying exceptional products.

Have questions about whether a pre-engineered building and the cost are right for you? Reach out to us today at 1-800-241-8339 or by requesting a quote on our website. Our representatives look forward to taking your call, listening to your goals, and guiding you through this process.



“[Arco] was extremely good to work with. [They] answered all of my questions and were very helpful designing my building. [They] also showed me a design that I was very pleased with. I would recommend [Arco] highly for [their] ability to understand building codes and other questions about designing your needs for a steel structural building.”


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