Why You Should Consider a Detached Steel Garage

The Advantages of a Detached Steel Garage

For most homeowners, having a house with a garage is a necessity.

Most homeowners consider attached garage the norm. A detached garage comes with fewer structural complications and more opportunities for versatility. For instance, if you are adding an attached garage, you must consider how the new space will blend in with the rest of the home. A detached garage has more flexibility in style, including size and shape. A detached garage, like a piece of fine jewelry, can compliment your house with ease and elegance.

There are more advantages to owning a detached steel garage.

They Are an Affordable Alternative Steel garages are more affordable than you may imagine. Steel is one of the cheaper alternatives used to construct home additions. Not only can steel suit a wide range of budgets, it is also generally eco-friendly. Steel is also known for its durability through any kind of weather. So not only will you be able to purchase a steel detached garage at a reasonable price but you can also rely on it to last longer than other materials.

More Square Footage As a property owner, you are probably aware that the most common way to increase your home value is to add square footage. The value of your property is determined by the market rate per square foot of the other homes in your area. Adding a detached garage counts towards your home's overall square footage.

Appeal to Potential Buyers Adding a detached garage appeals to buyers because it adds functionality to the property. A detached garage can easily be repurposed as a storage unit, a shed for your lawnmower or boat, or even a quaint living space. You would be hard pressed to find a buyer who doesn't want a garage especially one that can be utilize to their specific needs.

Evaluate Adding a Metal Garage Building Arco Steel makes it easy to evaluate the impact of adding a detached garage building to your home. Our expert design team will help you determine what size garage you can fit on your property and what size building would best suit your needs. After you and our team agree on a design, you can simply ask a local real estate agent what type of impact adding the space would have on your overall property value.
If you're considering a detached steel garage reach out to Arco Steel today. Arco Building Systems has steel building kits for large and small needs.

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