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Why a 10000 Sq Ft Steel Building is the Perfect Flex Warehouse Solution

Find Your Creative Solution in a Flex Warehouse

Being creative is a must for thriving in any industry. Sometimes, finding creative solutions to logistical problems is a necessity. That’s where a flex warehouse comes into play. If your team is seeking a creative solution to a logistical problem, then the team at Arco Building Systems is here with your answer: a 10000 sq ft steel building.

10000 Sq Ft Steel BuildingWarehouse EmployeesWhat is a Flex Warehouse?

A flex warehouse is a solution that offers flexibility for your company’s everyday operations. It’s a hybrid facility that can be utilized for warehouse space, offices and more, depending on your specific and unique needs. Companies that opt for a flex warehouse will benefit from having the flexibility to adapt as their needs change while making the most of their resources from the get-go. Engineering firms and other business that utilize both office and warehouse functions can make good use of the advantages and value of a flex warehouse.

Why is a Steel Building the Perfect Solution for a Flex Warehouse?


Warehouses should be built with structural integrity that can withstand a hard day of work, 365 days out of the year. A 10000 sq ft steel building would provide durability, being able to last throughout years of daily operations. Unlike timber, steel does not warp or rot, allowing you to go on year after year without replacing essential components of your building’s structure.

10000 Sq Ft Steel Building_WarehouseLongevity

Business growth and development can be anticipated but never predicted. Who knows where your company will be in 10 years from now? Your needs and operations may be different, so equipping your company with an option that can conform to where the future will take you is the wisest option, ultimately making the process easier today and tomorrow. Steel buildings can be easily expanded upon and offer customizable layouts. Whether you need to add additional space or rearrange the interior for future developments, a steel building can accommodate those needs.

Unobstructed Workspace

Gabled clear-span steel buildings offer a completely unobstructed work area. The columnless design of this building type maintains structural soundness while offering complete customizability in the way of an interior layout. This allows designers to arrange the building that’s the best fit for your company’s operations and needs rather than designing around columns that would be necessary for support. Whether you need some office space or a large unobstructed area, a steel gabled clear-span building is your solution.

Let Arco Supply Your New Flex Warehouse

Is your company ready for its next step? Arco Building Systems is here to help you through the process. By spending the time to walk you through the different options, we’re committed to supplying you with the best possible solution for your warehouse needs: a 10000 sq ft steel building. That’s the Arco difference. Experience that difference by contacting us today at 1-800-241-8339 or requesting a quote on our website. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your business.


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