Why a 10000 Sq Ft Steel Building is the Perfect Fit for Your Airplane Hangar

Arco Recommends a 10000 Sq Ft Steel Building for Your Airplane Hangar

Whether for private or commercial use, aircrafts need to be nothing but reliable. They require regular and meticulous maintenance, and part of that is protecting them from the elements. As you know, many aircraft owners store their planes in hangars. This protects them from constant moisture, sunlight, various temperatures, and even theft or vandalism. Despite the many reasons to have a hangar for your airplane, know that not just any shed will do. To assure that your aircraft is as safe as possible, allow the professionals at Arco Steel to share the reasons why a 10000 sq ft steel building from us is the top choice for your hangar.


The Top Choice for Your Airplane Hangar: A 10000 Sq Ft Steel Building

Your aircraft needs a home – even if it spends most of its time traveling up in the air. A hangar is a place to keep your aircraft safe from Mother Nature and vandals, but Arco Steel's hangars provide more than just a roof over your plane. Arco’s state-of-the-art designs offer durability, longevity, functionality and low-maintenance perks.


The number one selling point for a steel building over another building material is its durability. Simply put, steel is the top choice for any development considering its sturdy qualities. Steel is weather-resistant and non-combustible. While other materials might have similar attributes, steel is Arco 's preferred material because it’s quickly assemble, which saves business and property owners valuable time and money throughout the construction phase. Durability combined with its light and easily assemble qualities, steel is a unique substance that has multiple benefits and minimal downside.


What are your plans for this hangar five years down the road? How about 10 years down the road? If your answer is expansion or unclear, then steel is perfect for your project. When working with steel buildings, you can set yourself up for success without even knowing where the future will take you. Through ease of expansion, steel buildings are ideal for long-term plans. Considering that needs and plans can change at a moment’s notice, you can assuredly set yourself up for the future by investing in a steel building. A metal building can be easily expanded upon, so you or a future owner will have a relatively easy time down the road if your facility needs to grow.


Though hangars are typically one large opening, you may want to have the option of including an office or storage closet off to the side. Luckily, a 10000 sq ft steel building would provide you with complete flexibility, meaning that you can have a modified layout if needed. Optimizing you hangar for functionality can make your workspace easier to navigate, more enjoyable to be in and efficient to get the job done.


Owning a hangar gives you a convenient spot to perform maintenance on your aircraft. That being said, some buildings require more maintenance than the aircraft itself. A wooden building would require that you constantly seal it to keep moisture out of the structure; replace any rotting beams, gables, or facia; and treat the susceptible material more frequently for pests. Point being that a wooden structure would require just as much or more maintenance than your actual aircraft.

With a 10000 sq ft steel building, however, your hangar will essentially be an afterthought once it is erected. Yes, just as any structure, your steel building will require some upkeep. With that in mind, the maintenance is minimal in comparison to alternative materials.

To Learn More About a 10000 Sq Ft Steel Building Hangar, Contact The Pros at Arco Steel

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