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A Steel Building May Be Your RV Storage Solution

You recently got an RV, and you’re exited to go on new adventures. Unfortunately, one day you get a notice from your local Homeowner’s Association that your RV must be parked out of sight. This puts a damper on your spirit since there’s no way to fit an RV inside a standard-size garage. Luckily, a solution exists that will make both you and your HOA happy. An RV storage building from Arco Steel will keep your RV out of sight from the HOA and will protect it from the weather and elements as well.

Why Can’t I Park in the Driveway?

You may be wondering if it’s even legal for your HOA to tell you where to park, and you might be disappointed to learn that yes, it is. As long as the street is privately owned by the community, the HOA can restrict what vehicles are visibly parked. Though you may not like being told where to park, the HOA is not doing this just to be mean. They may restrict parking for a variety of reasons, including for resident safety and to improve the curb appeal, and therefore maintain the property values.

Where can I store my RV Instead?

Since you can’t park your RV on the street, and its likely too big to fit in your house’s garage, you need another solution. You could park your RV in a public RV storage space. However, this is not an ideal solution for many reasons. Moving your RV to another location is a hassle. Not to mention all the fees these businesses charge! Even worse, your RV might be subject to vandalism or break-ins at the public storage location.

rv-storage-building-drivewayLuckily, a better solution exists. A steel building can keep your RV out of sight in your very own backyard, still easily accessible to you. Steel buildings are easy to maintain and are not susceptible to the wear and tear that wood buildings always seem to have. Steel buildings are cost effective, fire resistant, weather resistant, environmentally friendly, and offer a wide range of construction options.

What Other Benefits Does a Steel RV Storage Building Bring?

A steel building provides many more buildings than just satisfying HOA requirements. Having a garage on your property could raise your home’s value by 2% up to 20%, depending on the area. Additionally, it will prolong the life of your RV by protecting it from the elements when not in use.

Even better, an Arco steel building provides more benefits than a standard garage. When provided with proper ventilation, the building can prevent the buildup of mold and mildew. A steel building provides a place to store all your tools and equipment, so everything is right there when you need to perform maintenance on your vehicle.

What Kind of Steel Building Do I Need?

When choosing your steel building, you need to make sure it has enough room to hold your RV and any other equipment you plan to store. Here at Arco, we offer many different customization options. You choose your width, length, and eave height. Our options for frame systems include:rv-storage-building-backyard

  • Gabled (clear span)
  • Gabled (with interior columns)
  • Single slope
  • Lean-to

Our roof panel options include our standard PBR or specialty panels available upon request. You can also customize the color (sticking with HOA requirements of course) and add a wide range of building accessories such as skylights and canopies. You can choose to put up your steel building yourself, or we can arrange for an independent crew to put up the building.

Choose Arco for Your RV Storage Building Needs and Get the HOA off Your Back!

The HOA can be an annoyance, but finding storage for your RV doesn’t have to be a hassle when you choose Arco Steel Buildings! We have you covered in all stages of the process, from planning to construction, and our fast turnaround times and outstanding customer service will make the process stress-free. Are you ready to experience the Arco difference? Call us at 1-800-241-8339 or request a quote on our website to get started today!

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