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Category Archives: steel buildings

Can Steel Buildings Be Used to Provide Relief for the Homeless?

Using Steel Buildings as Shelters in 2021 The pandemic has caused unthinkable economic injury across the nation—not only for small businesses, but also for families and individuals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate as of November 2020 is 6.7%. This number is down from the height of unemployment in April 2020…
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Can a Steel Building Withstand a Tornado?

Durable and Dependable Severe storms that resulted in tornadoes hit parts of the Southeast April 2020 in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday. The storms caused damage to affected areas, leaving at least eight residents dead and others injured, according to WSB-TV Atlanta. This natural disaster is another unfortunate reminder that Mother Nature is…
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Steel Buildings Offer Great Community Center Solutions

Steel Buildings Bring Communities Together Even as the Internet makes the world a much bigger place, people still get a lot out of their own personal communities. An Instagram post to millions of followers worldwide just doesn’t have the same emotional impact as a night spent with those in the community, sharing a potluck dinner, dance…
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