Storm Safety and Your Steel Building

Reliable Structures, Rain or Shine

As the weather starts to warm up across the country, we are headed into a season when heavy storms are to be expected. This change in season is an opportunity to ensure your building's property is well protected and ready for inclement weather. As durable structures, steel buildings offer protection against nature’s strongest forces. Our team shares how commercial steel buildings can withstand heavy storms with the right accessories and best maintenance practices.

A Heavy-Duty Workplace for Heavy Storms

Design and Durabilitycommercial steel buildings

Commercial steel buildings are manufactured from one of the most durable construction materials available—not only that, but the engineering of the structures is also designed to resist heavy storms. These structures are engineered and installed with safety in mind, meeting strict standards to maintain a durable frame. Steel buildings can withstand winds of well over 100 mph and are a sturdy shelter in common storm scenarios to protect personnel, inventory, and equipment.

Weathering the Storm

A few accessories will help protect steel buildings against inclement weather. To start, gutters and downspouts are designed to properly drain excess water, keeping it away from the building and its foundation. Adequate exterior doors will protect the building and its contents from weather-related impacts while being resistant to high winds; this structural integrity is also available for garage doors and other commercial-sized entryways.

Maintaining Your Steel Buildingcommercial steel buildings

Arco Building Systems operates as a steel building distributor because, after many years in the business, we have found that commercial steel buildings are truly an all-around benefit for businesses. Relative to other building types, steel structures require minimal maintenance. That said, after the event of a storm, steel building owners would be wise to inspect the structure to make any necessary repairs in the event damage occurred.

Post-Storm Inspections

Storms can, of course, cause damage to even the toughest buildings. Storm-related damage on steel buildings, however, is typically relatively minor and not compromising to the structure if repaired swiftly. After a storm, steel building owners should plan to take a look around the property to assess and address any damage to keep the structure in great shape going forward.

commercial steel buildingSome issues to keep an eye out for include…

  • Cracked or chipped paint
  • Rust
  • Erosion
  • Loose connections

For the best results, consider hiring a qualified inspector.

Repairs and Preventative Maintenance

Should you find any issues during the building inspection, they should be corrected and repaired as soon as possible. This action is to prevent further damage, especially if more storms are expected to hit your area.

Be sure to survey your property for any potential storm hazards such as dead trees, overhanging branches, unsecured items, and other nearby potential problems that could damage your building during a storm. Remove or relocate these items to best protect your building this storm season.

Contact Arco: A Building Provider on Your Side

From Concept to Installation

Manufactured and installed to meet all safety guidelines, our commercial steel buildings are a durable option to withstand heavy storms. Arco’s knowledgeable and helpful representatives will guide you through the process to pair you with the perfect workplace that matches your needs, space, and budget.

Our team truly enjoys helping businesses find the right fit for their new facilities. If you want to have a conversation to learn more, reach out to our knowledgeable specialists by filling out our contact form or by calling us directly at 1-800-241-8339.

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"Arco Steel is a great company to purchase a steel building. [Arco] was very knowledgeable and patient in helping us select the various components of our building. Our building is made from quality materials. Arco doesn't abandon you after the purchase. We call them whenever we have a question and they always are very helpful. We highly recommend working with Arco steel for your steel building needs."

- Debbie S. 

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