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Can Steel Buildings Be Used to Provide Relief for the Homeless?

Using Steel Buildings as Shelters in 2021

The pandemic has caused unthinkable economic injury across the nation—not only for small businesses, but also for families and individuals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate as of November 2020 is 6.7%. This number is down from the height of unemployment in April 2020 but is 3% higher than before the pandemic began. With an uncertain future, many Americans may be experiencing or facing homelessness. Accounting for the cost, build quality, and other factors, a metal building can be a resourceful option to use for a homeless shelter's facilities.

The Reality of Homelessness in 2021

Mass evictions have been an issue throughout the pandemic. With diminished incomes and limited housing options, an estimated 1 million Americans are homeless—this number fluctuates depending on the source. The reality of homelessness today is even more concerning given the health and safety risks associated with COVID-19. We live in a time when hygienic means, adequate food, and shelter need to be accessible to everyone in addition to minimizing exposure.  All of this is especially important for those with preexisting conditions, some of which that are common for the homeless, including HIV/AIDS, lung disease, and malnutrition.

With the facts laid out, there has never been a greater need for homeless shelters.

Benefits of Steel Buildings to Serve Displaced Individuals

Opening a shelter for the homeless in 2021 is a great action that can make a tremendous difference in the wellbeing and future of so many people. If your organization is looking for a new facility to host a shelter, a steel building is your solution. Many businesses and nonprofits in a wide range of industries trust steel buildings for their low cost, quick assembly times, quality, and customizability.


Understandably, the budget for a shelter may be tight for various reasons. For a ground-up project, it may be surprising to learn that the cost to build a metal building is budget-friendly when compared to other building alternatives. In addition to the cost per square foot, other steel building aspects minimize expenses, making this an affordable option.

Factors That Make Steel Buildings the Affordable Option

  • Affordable pricing
  • Low long-term maintenance costs
  • Quick assembly minimizing construction costs


Quick Turnaround

Steel buildings from Arco are pre-engineered. This means they are designed and manufactured to be quickly assembled. Depending on the size and other features, steel buildings can be erected within a few weeks, minimizing construction costs. Additionally, by choosing pre-fabricated steel, your building will be up and running sooner than a structure of alternative building materials.


Steel buildings are incredibly durable structures that not only are low-maintenance, but they are weather-resistant and can withstand high winds. The durable properties of steel buildings make them among the safest place to be in inclement weather, which of course is important in keeping occupants protected when it's needed most. Additionally, steel buildings when properly insulated are warm and comfortable for anyone in the building. This not only makes for a comfortable work environment, but steel buildings also provide a suitable living situation for anyone who has been displaced due to the current economy.


From layout to aesthetics, steel buildings are completely customizable and can fit any vision or plan. Steel buildings can accommodate any layout that fits your needs.

When offering relief for the homeless, you may need a variety of building functions such as sleeping quarters, a full-service kitchen, and bathrooms with showers. A steel building can feature these amenities in a comfortable and functional environment. As far as aesthetics go, the term “steel building” may be misleading. Steel buildings can be fully transformed to have an inviting exterior and a comfortable interior. This includes but is not limited to enhanced facades and a finished interior with drywall if needed.

Steel Building FAQs

This all depends on the size and other details of the project. In many cases, the assembly period lasts a little over a month if done by an experienced construction crew.
Depending on your local regulations, you may be required to have a general contractor erect your building. Check with your local permitting office to see if a licensed General Contractor is required for your building project.
Arco can refer experienced independent contractors to install your building.
Yes, general contractors will be there on the delivery date to unload your building and to start erecting the building the same day, providing your concrete is ready.


The Arco Difference

Arco Building Systems is a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who would be happy to assist you with your upcoming project. With Arco, you’ll work with one customer service representative from start to finish for the best possible outcome.

We offer honest, upfront, and easy-to-understand quotes and quick shipping on all our products. Our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau reflects our dedication to quality and delivering exceptional service and products for businesses and organizations like yours.

Contact Arco Building Systems

The Arco team is looking forward to the possibility of assisting with your project with great products with great service. At Arco Building Systems, we want to help your organization’s efforts of serving the community. Answering all your questions like the cost to build a metal building and more, we're ready to assist. We are available to lend our insight to guide you to the best solution. With Arco, you'll get a product that checks every box and fits your budget.

Reach out to our knowledgeable specialists by filling out our contact form or by calling us directly at 1-800-241-8339.

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