New Business Highlight: Starting a Distillery

What to Keep in Mind When Opening a Distillery

At Arco Building Systems, we’re proud to be a resource for businesses to reach their goals. Our specialty is recommending ideal building options and supplying 10,000 square foot steel buildings to make the process as smooth as possible for business owners. No matter where you are in making your dream a reality, we want to be here for you. You may be in the genesis stages of starting your own distillery. As you hone your craft and figure out the best product to bring to the market, let us guide you through some considerations when starting a distillery.

Starting a Distillery: What to Consider


Yes, we all know that location, location, location matters. Thoughtfully consider your target audience and where that customer base can best visit your distillery. Distilleries are unique from other businesses considering location because there may be local regulations that determine how your company will operate. Research your state’s regulations and consider how that may impact your distillery.

Facility10000 square foot steel building distillery

As you may know, distilleries require a lot of storage. To accommodate for the aging process, your distillery will need space for barrels and other components of your detailed process. Additionally, if your distillery will rely on distribution, consider your building's functionality for that process—including your backroom and a loading dock for compatibility with freight distribution.

Steel Building Perks

Why would a 10,000 square foot steel building be the ideal facility for a distillery? We’ll start off by saying they’re incredibly adaptable. While steel buildings may seem like industrial warehouse-type buildings, they can also be adapted to adhere to your aesthetic vision. From inviting facades to an appealing interior that will impress visitors, consider that steel buildings can match the appearance perfect for your distillery.

100 x 100 Steel Building KitsSteel buildings are incredibly durable structures, offering weather-resistant protection for your equipment and inventory. Additionally, through great insulation, steel buildings are great for regulating the temperature. Store your inventory at the ideal temperature while knowing it’s secure under the protection of a steel building.

One of the exciting parts of starting a business is that you don’t know what heights it will take you to. If you need more square footage in the future, a steel building will be a great investment. Steel buildings offer ease of expansion. Whether with a clear span design or not, steel buildings can have customizable layouts to work perfectly with your unique operations and vision.

Get Off to a Great Start

Let Arco Building Systems Help You

Our drive is equipping businesses with the perfect 10,000 square foot building that meets their needs. If you need help through that process, our knowledgable and experienced specialists are ready to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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