Steel Buildings Give Space and Protection for Your Municipal Assets

Exploring the Benefits of Steel Buildings for Park & Rec Purposes

So many people take part in helping our communities run smoothly. We have to acknowledge the hard work of those in the municipal field for what they do on a day in and day out basis. At Arco Building Systems, we have a passion for equipping business owners with the perfect building that fits their daily operations; we want to do the same to fulfill your municipal needs. A 10,000 sq ft steel building will help benefit your operations, especially in the way of providing space and protection for your assets.

5 Ways Steel Buildings are Ideal for Municipal Equipment Storage


Whether used for storage, as a maintenance bay, or anything in between, steel buildings offer incredible durability. Oftentimes used as warehouses, storage facilities, and more, steel buildings work as hard as you do and will stand the test of time against the bumps and bruises of just another workday.

Secure10000 Sq Ft Steel Building_

We take for granted the equipment that helps out municipal facilities run smoothly on a daily basis. In any storage area of maintenance bay, among your top priorities for that space should be stability and security. Steel buildings are sturdy structures that are weather-resistant and will keep your equipment as safe and protected as possible. Also, since steel is a noncombustible material—unlike timber—steel buildings are fire-resistant and offer the best protection against the elements for your heavy machinery and other equipment.


Naturally, due to the material and design of the structure, steel buildings are low-maintenance relative to buildings of alternative materials. This is beneficial because you can allocate the time and resources, which would have otherwise been spent on building maintenance, on more productive ventures that will help maximize and improve your municipal functions.

Ease of Expansion10000 Sq Ft Steel Building_Expansion

With clear span, obstruction-free layouts, steel buildings offer the indoor space you’ll for any function. Additionally, 10,000 sq ft steel buildings can be easily expanded upon, seamlessly adding to your square footage. This makes steel buildings among the best long-term solutions, offering flexibility for when the future calls for expansion.

Functionality in All Climates

Through design and assembly, steel buildings perform well in a range of inclement conditions. With roofs that manage snow retention and insulation that can regulate a temperature-controlled environment, steel buildings are preferred solutions for operations and organizations that have the regular or occasional hurdle of inclement weather.

Experience the Arco Difference

Better Buildings, Better Business

Arco's team has a goal to help improve your operations by equipping you with the ideal building for your needs. Our specialists are ready to take your call and talk through the logistics of equipping your park with a 10,000 sq ft steel building to improve your daily operations.

Reach out to us today at 1-800-241-8339 or by requesting a quote on our website for specialized support. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your park or business.

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