A Steel Building Makes the Perfect Cold Storage Choice

A Solution for Refrigerated Warehouses

Cold storage is a complicated necessity that is in high demand, and those who do it well fine-tune their practice to best optimize their work. In search of tools and best practices to better their work, leaders in the logistics industry will be pleased to learn the benefits of steel buildings. Among the many variables that bring value to warehouses, steel buildings are among the more serviceable options for cold storage purposes. Between the cost to build and other great features, a 10,000 square foot warehouse is a great solution for cold storage.

5 Benefits of a Steel Building for Cold Storage

1. Energy Efficient

With the proper insulation, steel buildings are energy-efficient warehouse options. Steel buildings can accommodate the HVAC and cooling systems needed for refrigerated logistics. Being able to maintain a low, temperature-controlled environment, steel buildings are known to reduce energy costs. This helps the facility to operate with high efficiency while also minimizing costs.

2. Ideal Storage Solutions

While similar functionally, every warehouse has unique needs. Steel buildings are adaptable to your specific operations and can be designed to optimize what you do. For example, steel buildings are available in many large sizes and can be tailored to the specifications that work best for your needs. Additionally, steel buildings can feature a customized layout that fits your ideal workflow. This helps your employees to increase productivity while also maximizing your building’s storage options.

3. Designed for Expansion

The business world is unpredictable. Change—whether beneficial or challenging—is to be expected but can rarely be anticipated. That said, businesses need to stay flexible in order to maintain and achieve success. A steel building is a great tool for businesses to have because they are designed for ease of expansion. Considering that your demand for logistics facilities may increase, steel buildings are great warehouse solutions, providing adaptability options to grow as your operations grow.

4. Low-Maintenance

If you ask steel building owners the biggest benefit of their investment, the most common answer you’ll hear is low-maintenance. Because of their design and the material they’re made from, steel buildings are notably easy to maintain. This includes general upkeep such as pest control but also is applicable and valuable for warehouses, especially in the food industry. Steel buildings are relatively trouble-free to keep clean in order to meet strict food and safety regulations. The cost to build a 10,000 square foot steel warehouse is relatively budget-friendly, and that value extends long-term when considering the low reoccurring upkeep costs of the structure.

5. Durabilitysteel building 100 x 200

Companies in the logistics industry need a building that will work as hard as they do. Not only can steel buildings handle the tough conditions of cold storage, but they also work just as hard as you do. Steel buildings hold up to the demanding everyday work environment of a cold storage warehouse. Additionally, steel buildings are weather-resistant, meaning your building will minimize weather-related interruptions. This will best protect your inventory. A steel building is a great asset by being durable and handling the demanding functions of a cold storage warehouse.

The Perfect Cold Storage Solution: A Steel Warehouse

Here to guide you through the process to equip you with a building that perfectly matches your needs, our team is friendly and knowledgeable. From delivery to installation, Arco knows its steel buildings and great support. We’re here to be a resource for you to make the most out of your next investment. Working with the same dedication and passion you put into your craft, Arco Building Systems is an experienced team committed to equipping you with the best product. Count on Arco to pair you with the best solution with a cost that fits your budget; we are here to help as you look to build a 10,000 square foot steel warehouse.


“It's nice to know that great Customer Service stills exists. I thought 'steel was steel.' What I learned is that the planning and parts are what make the difference. The Customer Service folks provide answers that save big money AND big time. A big shout-out to Arco's team for making steel building projects a success.”

— Hal S.

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