How a 100 x 100 Steel Building Helps Fireworks Businesses Skyrocket

Spark Your Fireworks Business with the Benefits of a Steel Building

Independence Day is here once again! It’s the time of year when millions come together to appreciate what is actually a year-round venture for many: fireworks. While this holiday is of course a great time to celebrate and acknowledge our nation’s history, it’s an opportunity for the fireworks industry to get the spotlight for a moment. If your hard work, focus, and dedication have pushed your company to grow during this season, you may be in a position to expand or upgrade your facilities. What may be a great fit for your future is a 100 x 100 steel building, and our specialists are here to run down the benefits of that investment.

Advantages of Steel Buildings That Spark Businesses


100 x 100 steel building-options

Whether the space will be used for storage, manufacturing, retail, or a little bit of everything, steel buildings offer durability that alternative building materials such as wood can’t advertise. Steel buildings are expertly designed and crafted structures made from one of the strongest metals in the world. Prefabricated steel buildings are weather-resistant, withstanding inclement weather and high force winds. Additionally, steel is not susceptible to fire hazards. Steel building owners love their workspace because it’s an investment that is low-maintenance and long-lasting, offering dependability and longevity that doesn’t fizzle.



One of the many benefits of a prefabricated steel building is that it can be quickly assembled. With short construction periods combined with the value steel buildings provide, this is an excellent solution for business owners. Considering and factoring in the savings on maintenance costs with many other advantages, a 100 x 100 steel building is a great investment for businesses in any industry, including a fireworks company.


Space and Ease of Expansion

Depending on the frame, steel buildings can offer obstruction-free areas with no columns, making it ideal to completely customize the area for your unique operations. Steel building owners get the most out of their investment for this reason, but also in the future. We never know what tomorrow has in store for us—if your company ever needs to expand its facilities, steel buildings can easily accommodate that.


Flexible Design

100 x 100 steel building-style

Configure your building exactly as you envision it—perfect for your operations and customer base. Offering interior and exterior flexibility, steel buildings can match your vision, optimized for what you do. Utilize a custom interior layout that best serves what you do. Also, steel buildings surprisingly offer attractive exteriors, oftentimes incorporating brick and other materials to create an appealing façade that’s inviting to visitors and passersby.


Ready to Light the Fuse on Your Fireworks Business?

Find Your Steel Building Solutions with Arco Building Systems

Arco Building System’s products feature all these benefits and more—notably through our focus on customer satisfaction. Reach out to the helpful team here at Arco Building Systems for the perfect 100 x 100 steel building. Since 1979, we’ve been helping businesses find their most practical solution to their needs. Experience the Arco difference today. To learn more about how our products can be a fit for your business, contact us today at 1-800-241-8339 or request a quote on our website. Be a part of our online community by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more on how our products can benefit your business.

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