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The Stability of Arco: As Sure as the Strength of Steel

Celebrating Milestones and Our Tradition of Quality

July is sentimental for us here at Arco. It’s the anniversary of when our company started 43 years ago, and this month marks two years since the company has been under new ownership. Because of these milestones, we're reminded of the assurance we have as a steel building provider, which is made possible by doing the right thing.

Through our four decades of operation, our company has persevered through challenges and celebrated great moments, especially as we look to continue with excellence for many decades to come. This has been a result of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction by way of our motto and mission of “moving forward." Our customers can count on Arco for our dedication to providing the best service in the pre-engineered metal building industry.

Join us as we take this opportunity to look back at our background and what that means for you as an Arco customer in 2022 and beyond.

Never Giving Up, No Matter the Circumstance

43 Years in the Making

The foundation of Arco Building Systems was set in 1979 when founder Tom Freeman opened the business in a storefront on Main Street in Tucker, Georgia. His genuine customer-first values of honesty and respect have been at the forefront of the company ever since.

As the company’s longtime president, Allen Freeman, put it, “[Tom Freeman] was not only the best salesman I ever met, but he was also the most honest, loving, and sincere person I ever met. He showed me that you could sell the hell out of a good product, fulfill the needs of your customer, and maintain integrity at the same time. Respect for your customers as well as your employees was the key.”

That mindset has been synonymous with the Arco name since 1979, even as the company changed leadership in July 2020. Of course, that was a time when the world was undergoing unforeseen shifts. Much of what happened during that period needs no explanation. Having been in business for many years, Arco as a company has seen it all. Regardless of worldwide circumstances, Arco stayed consistent while taking every opportunity to grow as a company, improve what we do, and provide the best pre-engineered metal building solutions for every customer.

Recent Challenges for a Stronger Future100x100 steel building_shaking hands_transparent

Arco has prevailed in the past two years through the effects of COVID-19 by remaining steadfast in the idea of helping our customers fulfill their needs. We are thrilled to have grown our team through these times and expand our abilities.

Arco's new leadership took over with decades of experience within the company and the industry as well as a vision for the direction Arco was headed in during a time of global uncertainty. Between the challenges of supply chain issues and economic impact, it took dedication and an informed alertness by the Arco team to navigate that period.

The lessons learned then through today have made a positive difference in the services we offer. Despite external situations, we are committed to applying our expertise, experience, and dedication to providing services that are as efficient, cost-effective, and timely as possible.

Experience the Arco Difference

You can reach Arco Building Systems by calling us at 800-241-8339 or by filling out the contact form on our website. Our building consultants will put your needs first, continuing the long-standing tradition at Arco of doing what’s right for the customer to find the best pre-engineered metal building solution for them.


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